Monday, May 28, 2012

Bon Appetit

Trevor and I on our way to La Caille (Fine French Dining) with his French class from school.  He informed me that La Caille means “the quail” in French.  So nice having a formal night out with my youngest boy.
The students took an etiquette course to prepare for this night.  Pretty great sitting at a table with a half dozen teenagers, some mom’s & nannies, seeing the boys hold their pinky out to drink fresh lemonade, making sure not to put elbows on the table, and enjoying escargot, with sorbet in between to cleanse the pallet.  Once they remembered which fork to use, they did great!
So beautiful, nice stroll around the grounds, envision lounging with a good book while the children explore and enjoy the animals (planning my next relaxing afternoon ;)
Immaculate gardens
Exquisite grounds
Love the Orange tree on the left, since they don’t grow here.
18th Century rural French Chalet
Road Hog :)
Such a delightful evening with my boy, while the girls went to a movie with Uncle Mike & Grandma. 
Makes me want to tour France, Adieu
All pictures SOOC