Monday, June 29, 2009

I ♥ Faces "Just for Fun"

The theme this week is "Just for Fun". S & S seem to find fun anywhere.



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Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Bliss




My little veterinarians, rescueing a grass-hopper that landed in the pool.


Looked up to see the Airplane Advertising for the Bee's game tonight (baseball). Novel and Creative, I felt like I was at the beach. Wo, there's still snow in the mountains, it was a beautiful day in the valley.

Have a great week-end!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More about the Boys!

hmmhmm... did you know you have a frog on your head? Too cute, T's friend

This is the neighborhood boy passion. Trev and his buds opening up their reptile show. They went around the neighborhood selling tickets to the show, I'm sure they gave some freebies, sneak peaks. They had a snake, frog, and a couple of hermit crabs. I about died when they came to my door with the critters. Boys are so fun, especially if you like bugs! When Trevor asked to borrow my camera, I didn't think he was taking it outside with his friends, at least he got some good pics (first two)

Look at what he's doing now. They just don't stay young long. N & J think it's great having someone else to divvy up the mowing and they all like the fact they don't have to push it. The girls enjoy getting rides from their brothers.

Josh graduating from 8th grade, yae! I know, it's just 8th grade, but... this school only goes to 8th grade so it's a big deal, their last time together. They had the whole ceremony diploma thing, slide show, refreshments. It was nice, until all the tears came mainly from the boys. Josh said he tried to cry like his buddies were, to get a bunch of hugs from the girls, just couldn't- lol. Good kid with good friends! just a little emotional It's been a great school and a great year for him, even with some ups and downs, keep up the good work J.

Trevor at Camp Tracy. He was looking forward to this all month, his first overnighter now that he's a boy scout. I joined him the first day, it was 6 years ago when I first came up here with Nick, then Josh, great memories. It was fun for the boys and so beautiful being in the mountains, and glad it didn't rain. They shot rifles, compound bows, reviewed first aid, flag etiquette, sharpening tools, etc. What boy wouldn't love that? The next day they went swimming, canoeing, hiking... They had a ball. It was great spending time with Trevor and his troop. Who knew I would win my rifle merit badge (five bullets within the size of a quarter, only one who did it), hee, hee. Don't mess with me. Trevor was proud :).

Trevor earned his Arrow of Light tonight, the highest award in Cub Scouts, and his religious knot, Yahoo! He has had such great scout leaders and learned tons. We've worked on it at home and I'm proud of my last boy and his motivation. I'm very thankful for wonderful leaders that do so much for these boys!

Josh above (click on collages to enlarge)

I'm thoroughly enjoying the boys play, Broadway Kidz. As much as they like sports, they love acting, and they both have great stage presence in a different way. I purposely didn't watch much of the rehearsals so I could be surprised- and I loved it! It has funny parts (the funniest scene making fun of Twilight :), touching scenes, patriotic and cute scenes... Alot of music and dancing. It covers the entire calender year celebrating each holiday, even the Chinese New Year. Nick played his guitar in the fiesta scene, Cinco de Mayo. Awesome acting boys!
Thanks G & G for coming and enjoying with us.

Nick below
Happy to see each other again, apparently :).

"G man" is in the play too, great little actor. It was funny each time he came on stage. We were on the front row and you'd think he was performing just for Sophie and Sage, he stared at them with his cute smile as he was performing. So sweet.

Let's hear it for the boys, love 'em!

Monday, June 22, 2009

"Let's hear it for the boys!"

Let's hear it for the boys

A proud big brother

Thought it would be fun to join this photography contest. This weeks theme is "Boys" so I had plenty of choices, but this is a favorite. I love the look of pure delight and gentleness on Josh's face as he holds his baby brother.

Check out other cute boy pics or enter one yourself from the link below.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Secrets...

Lovin my flower girls!

Now that my tulips are gone, I'm savoring my rose garden

Memories- I got these rose bushes awhile back as little twigs, while spending Spring Break with a dear friend and our families in Hurricane (our boys were best buds, no pun intended, lol). Her parents own an amazing nursery so we got first pics on our favorites. It was also my first time hiking Zions. Such fun memories from these roses and a beautiful addition to our yard.

Now that school's out, time may be limited for blogging, but I've been asked often lately "how do you do it with five kids?" ages 6-17? So here's what works for us. Some days are definately crazy, but to prevent those days, it is key to plan ahead. Days before school got out I prepared some schedules so I can spend my time enjoying life and my family instead of figuring menu's, chores, sports, and activities last minute...
Here's a quick overview-

Sunday- BBQ
Monday- Crock Pot (this works great since it's FHE)
Tuesday- Taco Tuesday
Wednesday- Soup / Stew
Thursday- Pasta (Spaghetti, Lasagna...)
Friday- Pizza night, Movie night
Saturday- Chef's choice (take turns cooking)

Monday- Laundry / Clean bedroom
Tuesday- put away clothes (there's a lot, but we all put away our own)
Wednesday- Mow lawn (older boys), garden (girls)
Thursday- Take out garbage / Floors- sweep, mop, vacuum
Friday- Bathrooms!
Saturday- windows/ mirrors/ dust

Ya, I would love a cleaning lady (who wouldn't?). I had one once when I probably didn't need one, but now... oh well. It is essential to teach children how to work and clean up after themselves, to teach them responsibility and let them know they're needed and a valued member of the family. This is our job and it helps us keep up on everything so we can enjoy the summer, and chores only take about an hour each day.
We are flexible and save some time for sports, scouts, theater (kids play opens this week-end!) & girl stuff- dance, etc. but I've also planned a general schedule to do all the "must do" things each day-

8:00 Rise & Shine, Breakfast, get ready
9-10 Chores
10-12 Gym (this is fun for the whole family, and a great way to start out the day. I get my work out in and the kids get to swim, rock climb, BBall...)
12-1 Lunch
1-2 Reading / Quiet time (this is good throughout the summer, it keeps their minds alert and gives them some down time)
2-5 Free time (friends, sports, park...)
5:30 Dinner
Games, Dance, Scouts...
8:00 Bath, Story time, Scriptures, Prayers
8:30 Girls bedtime
9:30 Boys bedtime
11:00 Lights out

Simplify, so far so good! I always look forward to sweet summer days and I'm so thankful for my helpful kids that make our household run smoothly. Of course they're good at making messes too (the younger ones), but that's our next goal.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Nothing like a Princess party...

for 10 beautiful princesses

They sang, they freeze danced, they ate pizza, made tiara's, and most likely talked about their Prince Charming. Thanks Oli for kicking off the summer with a fabulous party for us princesses, it was charming!



Wednesday, June 03, 2009

"Love Notes"

Sophie likes to take pictures, she took this pic of Sage and I
(I really should photoshop some lipstick on, oh well :)
I've been finding these notes in the girls backpacks. They must have some free time to write notes at school or do this to practice their writing. Regardless, it made me smile and will be good memories when they are older...

Dr Sage
Yoo Hev A rely prydy smil
from Trevr ("G Man")

Der Sophie
Yoor so coot
i Rilee lik yoo
yoor so plafl
i Rilee lik yoo en sgool (in school)
i Hop tu see yoo dainsel (no idea what dainsel is, or the next sentence :)
Fravn WiF Me (maybe, thanks for playing with me)
Fum Gavin

Dear Sage
You ora fun
I lik you
your my fafrat fen
you ora my bast fen
I luv you
you ora the best
Luv Aspen

DeR Sophie
i lic Sophie
u r The Best in The wurl
u roc
fum Britton
spell check would have fun with this post, if I ever used it

So cute. They're going to miss their friends, but looking forward to a great summer! hmm, wouldn't it be nice to find a love note in your bag? (hint, hint hon:) Speaking of notes, thanks for the always nice and supportive comments and great people/ families I've enjoyed through blogging, where ever we live. Bloggers are the best!

Trev and the girls with Tino Nunez. He plays forward for the ReAL Soccer Team. They were excited to meet him and got tickets to a game. They are now big ReAL soccer fans!