Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Get your Ice cold Lemonade…

  DSC_2921and hot chocolate-chip cookies

DSC_2931 It takes good advertising

DSC_2933Quality Control- must sample the product periodically

DSC_2940and big smiles.  My little entrepreneurs.

I was surprised & chuckled to see Sage wanted to sell some of her bracelet collection, she actually sold a few

Since we didn’t have plans this afternoon and it was a nice, warm day, I had no excuses this time.  They convinced me it was a perfect time for a Lemonade stand, ok, they were right.   People driving by and friends on their bikes couldn’t resist (awesome neighbors).  Trev & the girls were thrilled and made sure everything was tasty and fresh.  They did well… of course after tithing and donating half the proceeds to a special orphanage in China :), they ended up with about 4 dollars each, huge smiles on their faces, and one proud mom (for donating).       

Friday, June 25, 2010

Not what he wanted for his B-day…

Trevor won’t forget his 12th Birthday.  As planned, his friends came over this morning at 10.  The plan was to go see “The Karate Kid”, then back to the house for a dip in the pool and BBQ burgers, cake & creamies, then open gifts.  Paul had to be to work by 3, so we planned a fun early party and Trevor and his buddies were looking forward to it.

Well, he still hasn’t opened his gifts, we have to plan a part II to his birthday celebration.  After only five minutes into the party, they were out back playing 500 for a few minutes until heading to the movies.  While running to get the football, Trevor tripped over Sage and landed on the cement around the pool.  He was tough, but we could tell it hurt bad, he kept holding his wrist and was in pain.  We checked him out well and didn’t notice much swelling and he could move it good, so we gave him some Tylenol and went to the show.  They had a great time at the movies, the boys watched The Karate Kid while the girls enjoyed Toy Story 3- thumbs up to both movies!  They all enjoyed it, with popcorn & drinks.

After the movie, Trevor’s wrist was totally swollen & bruising (we’re so bad), we knew it had to be broken.  He said it didn’t hurt (Tylenol kicked in), but we took the boys home and rushed him to the doctors.  Ya, Trevor got a broken arm for his Birthday.  Both bones in his arm are buckled, ouch!,  he’s in a splint and sling for now and he’ll get his cast next week when the swelling’s down.  No swimming, football, chores (he claims), riding his bike…  Summer’s a bad time for a kid to break his arm, I’m thinking of some fun indoor activities for him, any ideas, please share.  At least it’s his left arm, he can still do a lot with one hand, but the no swimming & sports will be tough, he’s been in the pool almost everyday since school’s been out. 

DSC00844Fun group of friends

DSC00845DSC00849Sophie- pink, Sage- red, excited to see Toy Story 3.

DSC00852 all concerned about his arm

DSC_2949DSC_2951If you’re reading this, send Trevor a birthday wish, it would brighten his day.

   2010-06-23 Lemonade stand, Trevors B-day party, broken arm, Bunco     

Trevor liked the Foosball game we gave him (he’ll open his gifts from friends later).   Something fun he could one handed notice Josh’s hand behind his back too, this may be a favorite pastime this summer. 

Well, I know it wasn’t the day you expected, but Happy Birthday Trevor.  You were a trooper and made the most of a painful situation.  We’re proud of you and love you!   Can’t believe you’re 12 already.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Father’s Day


To one great dad!  Hope you enjoyed your homemade pancakes from your cuties, watching your girls & Trevor sing to you in church,  and yummy New York steak dinner (even if you did the BBQ’ing yourself, you’re the pro and have always enjoyed it).  They loved celebrating such an awesome dad, thanks for blessing our lives like you do, hope your day was great!  XOXOXO    

Daddy, I love you
For all that you do.
I'll kiss you and hug you
'Cause you love me, too.

You feed me and need me
To teach you to play,
So smile 'cause I love you
On this Father's Day

~author unknown

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I live for this time of year, seeing the kids splash in the pool, backyard BBQ’s, bike rides, summer novels, smoothies & fresh strawberries from the garden.  It goes by quickly so I try not to plan too much, but enjoy with quality, fun days…

DSC_2840Birthday Parties  Sophie blue, Sage pink

DSC_2835  Relaxing outdoors with a good book on a fresh overcast evening after the kids are down, love this time of day. 

Before school was out I made a list of some favorite summertime activities.  I was starting to feel anxious, thinking about juggling work & home throughout the summer, wanting to be there for my kids without neglecting my job/clients.  So far it has been a nice balance.  We’ve had the summer slow time at work, but just enough to enjoy some professional time mixed in with mommy time, I think the kids like it too. 

So, if we ever get bored, here's my list of summer activities...

  • Good books / Summer reading for the kids  I'm reading "The Last Lecture"- it's a quick read yet inspiring; the girls book of choice is "The Chronicles of Narnia"  so much for picture books anymore, I read a chapter a night, they love it, they still read picture books on their own.
  • Arts & Crafts for the girls
  • Walk & play w/ Bruno
  • Gym
  • Miniature golf
  • Picnics / BBQ’s
  • Swimming
  • Gymnastics class for the girls
  • Karate for the boys
  • Drive up the canyons
  • Play dates, a lot of these!
  • Sports
  • Service projects, already done a few of these :)
  • Scouts- boys
  • Saxon Math- younger kids
  • Photo shoots
  • Puppy School
  • Thanksgiving Point
  • Classic Skating
  • Biking
  • Zoo
  • Discovery Gateway Children's Museum
  • Liberty Park
  • Tracy Aviary

Summer, please stay for awhile.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Last Day of First Grade

DSC00803 Sage’s class at the park  (do you like her T-shirt from Sophie :)

DSC00791 DSC00794  They wanted a picture w/ me :)

DSC00811Cookie breakDSC00796

DSC00801Gymnastics break

DSC00784  They enjoyed having Captain Crane and his fire crew come

DSC00804 This made me smile, not the clearest picture, but when Sage and her friends saw Sophie coming with her class, they took off to greet each other (Sage in front of her friend in white, Sophie in green shirt, black soccer shorts).  Running to see your best friend.  It was a fun connection between the classes this year,  with the girls in each class.

DSC00805How many first graders can you fit on a playground?  

DSC00818Sophie and Freyal in the sponge relay

DSC00812 They had a great year with wonderful teachers and friends.  After the initial shock of being in separate classes and going full day, it worked out really well.  They were still together a lot and hung out with the same friends.  It was a year full of learning, growing, and fun!

I’ve added the thoughtful comments from their teachers, the girls will like reading this someday-

“It has been my privilege to be Sage’s teacher this year; she has been a treasure to have in class.  She continues to do well in all subjects and is a kind friend and helpful classmate to her peers.  Sage is a spitfire, full of personality and humor.  Her quick mind and helpful nature have brightened our classroom environment.  Thanks for all your hard work, Sage, and enjoy second grade.  We’ll miss you!  Have a wonderful summer and don’t forget to keep reading!”

“It has been a joy to watch Sophie’s progress throughout the year, she has blossomed into a smiling, excited first grader!  She has gained confidence in reading and does well with writer’s workshop and math.  She is a kind to others and a good friend to her classmates.  It has been a pleasure having Sophie in my classroom!”

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Camp Tracy- Trevor & Dad

DSC_0005DSC_0001   DSC_0048 TeamworkDSC_0012Trevor, first to dive in the pool, he’s half fish

DSC_0039     favorites2A boys haven, Trevor and the rest had a great time and earned many Merit Badges.  The 22 Rifle shooting was his favorite.  What great father son time, so glad Paul could take the time off to be with Trev, what fun memories, and thanks to all the leaders who joined.  He’ll be a true Boy Scout in a couple of weeks, when he turns 12.  Love you tons Trevor!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Millcreek Canyon


This first picture I added was taken from Paul’s camera, ay, I need to borrow it more often :).


They have such cute skorts to wear with their T-shirts, but we don’t get to see them much, they  passionately prefer their soccer shorts, they would live in them if I let them.  Their sporty and comfy style of choice is growing on me, it may not be fancy or frilly, but they can make even a jersey look good.  just glad they still wear pink and dresses at least once a week. 


Very protective of Bruno, post coming  


We had to drop off a few supplies and warmer bedding for the boys at Camp Tracy this morning, Trevor is having a great time with his friends & dad, hope they don’t mind the rain tonight, who’d guess it would be so cold in June. 

The canyons are green and beautiful this time of year.  We drove to the top and took Bruno for a walk, it’s so peaceful and refreshing, a little nerve wracking with the melt off,  high rapid waters,  but we kept our distance.  They liked the waterfalls, ground squirrels, and rolling rivers and  Bruno was in his element and didn’t want us to leave.  We’ll come back soon, with a picnic, the boys, and dad’s camera.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Wordless Wednesday, mostly


DSC_2695 Trevor and his floaty, hee, hee- he swims like a fish


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Nick- our graduate!

Class of 2010…DSC_0019

DSC_0061 DSC_0067 DSC_0083 DSC_0090

DSC_0101DSC_2673 DSC00782

What a great moment, after years of watching your oldest son grow and become the neat young man he is (I’m sure there were days I wondered and much prayer involved). Seeing him mature, learn, and enjoy life. Seeing him question things, figure things out for himself, then make plans to enrich his life and help others. Seeing the friendships he’s made and the example he is to his siblings. Watching him excel in sports (swimming), academics, music (guitar) and hearing him speak at Seminary Graduation (good job!). Only a few months away from leaving for college, then mission. It was a happy, sweet, melancholy day.

He chose lunch at Joe’s after the ceremony, then celebrated with friends before meeting up with us for a formal elegant dinner at Carvers.

Nick- You have added so much to our lives, often making us smile, laugh, enjoy, sometimes drove us  crazy. We couldn’t be more pleased. Continue to follow your dreams and add your part to this great but sometimes troubled world, you have a lot to offer. We love you tons!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday S & S


10 friends (5 each) + 3 big brothers + balloons, pizza, & cake = 1 fun-filled party


It rained a little on their golf game, they didn’t mind

favorites1 They had a blast on the bumper boats.

DSC_1750All wet, smiling, and ready for fun.  After, they played Laser Tag indoors, not in our initial plans but they offered for free since it rained on their golf game, how can you resist these cute girls?

DSC00664Look at the huge piece of cake the party hostess gave Sophie, she tried to eat it all, fortunately she couldn’t :)


They were excited to turn 7 and had a fabulous time with their favorite friends and bro’s. I keep telling them to stop growing up so fast, but they do it anyway ;). Thanks everyone who joined the celebration and made it a special day with Sophie and Sage, they wanted to invite more but I limited it to 5 ea, everyone was so sweet and polite. I normally do a special party at home for my girls, but with such a busy month (Paul’s b-day, Nick’s graduation, many end of school activities) this was the best option, and a piece of cake for mom. It worked out great, a blast for all and full of fun memories!