Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Nick- our graduate!

Class of 2010…DSC_0019

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What a great moment, after years of watching your oldest son grow and become the neat young man he is (I’m sure there were days I wondered and much prayer involved). Seeing him mature, learn, and enjoy life. Seeing him question things, figure things out for himself, then make plans to enrich his life and help others. Seeing the friendships he’s made and the example he is to his siblings. Watching him excel in sports (swimming), academics, music (guitar) and hearing him speak at Seminary Graduation (good job!). Only a few months away from leaving for college, then mission. It was a happy, sweet, melancholy day.

He chose lunch at Joe’s after the ceremony, then celebrated with friends before meeting up with us for a formal elegant dinner at Carvers.

Nick- You have added so much to our lives, often making us smile, laugh, enjoy, sometimes drove us  crazy. We couldn’t be more pleased. Continue to follow your dreams and add your part to this great but sometimes troubled world, you have a lot to offer. We love you tons!