Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Last Day of First Grade

DSC00803 Sage’s class at the park  (do you like her T-shirt from Sophie :)

DSC00791 DSC00794  They wanted a picture w/ me :)

DSC00811Cookie breakDSC00796

DSC00801Gymnastics break

DSC00784  They enjoyed having Captain Crane and his fire crew come

DSC00804 This made me smile, not the clearest picture, but when Sage and her friends saw Sophie coming with her class, they took off to greet each other (Sage in front of her friend in white, Sophie in green shirt, black soccer shorts).  Running to see your best friend.  It was a fun connection between the classes this year,  with the girls in each class.

DSC00805How many first graders can you fit on a playground?  

DSC00818Sophie and Freyal in the sponge relay

DSC00812 They had a great year with wonderful teachers and friends.  After the initial shock of being in separate classes and going full day, it worked out really well.  They were still together a lot and hung out with the same friends.  It was a year full of learning, growing, and fun!

I’ve added the thoughtful comments from their teachers, the girls will like reading this someday-

“It has been my privilege to be Sage’s teacher this year; she has been a treasure to have in class.  She continues to do well in all subjects and is a kind friend and helpful classmate to her peers.  Sage is a spitfire, full of personality and humor.  Her quick mind and helpful nature have brightened our classroom environment.  Thanks for all your hard work, Sage, and enjoy second grade.  We’ll miss you!  Have a wonderful summer and don’t forget to keep reading!”

“It has been a joy to watch Sophie’s progress throughout the year, she has blossomed into a smiling, excited first grader!  She has gained confidence in reading and does well with writer’s workshop and math.  She is a kind to others and a good friend to her classmates.  It has been a pleasure having Sophie in my classroom!”

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