Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Sophie and Sage turn 7…


Hard to believe they’ve been home now longer then they’d been in the orphanage. I’ve been looking forward to this time and was kinda emotional about it, it’s come so fast. We’re thrilled at how they’ve melded naturally into our family and our hearts.

They started their day with homemade pancakes from their bro, Gourmet Chef Trevor. He set his alarm earlier then normal to ensure time to make them and eat before school.  They think he’s the coolest kid around, I can see why.

They were excited for their Boondocks Birthday Party after school, post to come.

DSC_1642 7 things I cherish about Sophie & Sage…  (it’s long, couldn’t help myself, you can get the just of it with the first sentence ;)

  • Their infectious smile and sweet voice.  I’ll never forget when they first smiled and showed their sense of humor in China, and they’ve kept us laughing and smiling ever since.  Their language has developed considerably this year (individual classes have helped),  it’s cute to hear them explain things, ask questions, and figure things out, seeing that light in their eyes. They like to join in and participate and are so pleased when they help others and answer questions correctly. Smart girls and fabulous readers.
  • Their love for animals. They proudly say we have 16 people in our family heaven help us. They count Bruno & Shadow, along with Panzer that hasn’t lived with us since shortly after they came home, and their 6 new fish (b-day gift from Grandma, now down to 5, who knew you don’t pet fish- Sage- sorry Grandma). They love animals and take responsibility themselves to care for them. If Sophie doesn’t have time to feed Shadow in the morning, she makes me promise to feed her after she leaves. Then it’s the first thing she asks about when I pick her up :). They like to rescue insects, bugs, birds, you name it…
  • Their kindness &  friendships they make, especially at school. They have great friends. Sage is a fun, happy-go-lucky girl everyone likes. She’s a trendsetter in the classroom- whether it’s the special handshakes she started with her friends (first started at home w/ her brothers) or the bracelets she collects, coming home with new ones everyday from her classmates, to getting the girls to play soccer with the boys at recess. The boys in her class like her as much as the girls, and she is nice to everyone. Sophie has a similar personality, but a little more reserved. She takes her time making friends and they are true, deep, genuine friendships. Just like she took her time going to us in China (I love that about her). They both play with the same groups at recess and they of course enjoy each.
  • Their natural talent and passion for sports, it’s helped having 3 big brothers to play with. They like soccer the most and they can’t see a ball without kicking it. They played on a new team this year w/ a good friend and learned to play positions (took some getting used to), but they won every game (last year this team didn’t win a game). Most importantly, they had a lot of fun and developed a stronger enjoyment for soccer and team sports. They also like gymnastics and dance, but ballet… not so much.
  • Their passionate spirits. Although they say they don’t like church, they really don’t like wearing dresses, and tights are the worse in their book, they really like Primary (church classes for the kids). They’ve learned so much and I’m thankful to be in the presidency. S & S prayers touch my heart, always thanking Heavenly Father for Mom & Dad, a home, their brothers, their pets, their friends, Uncle Don, Danny & Lindsay… They have the faith of a child and know that if they ask, He will protect them from anything- having bad dreams or helping them find what they have lost. I hope this faith never fades. Sage is also one who will not allow anyone to swear in front of her, especially taking the Lord’s name in vain. She doesn’t hold back and corrects her friends whenever she hears it. They don’t take offense, but try hard not to swear around her :)
  • The love they show us. The gratitude they show each day for the little things we do. You’d never guess they’ve spent their first three years in an orphanage, they are full of hugs, kisses, and cuddles (they weren’t at first, it’s something that’s grown on them) . If they notice anyone alone, it’s normally Sophie who will go sit by them. When they see their orphanage pictures, they get a little upset and ask what took us so long to come and get them. So happy to be home.
  • The sisterhood they have together. I remember reading in the orphanage notes about their favorite people, it said the caretakers and their friends. Well, they are definitely friends, best friends. They have their own identity and personality, and of course times where they clash and compete, but they have a bond that is unique to sisters, twin sisters. I love how they enjoy and watch out for each other and the fun they have together, so lucky to have each other.

Happy 7th Birthday Sophie & Sage, love you to the moon and back!

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