Saturday, June 05, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday S & S


10 friends (5 each) + 3 big brothers + balloons, pizza, & cake = 1 fun-filled party


It rained a little on their golf game, they didn’t mind

favorites1 They had a blast on the bumper boats.

DSC_1750All wet, smiling, and ready for fun.  After, they played Laser Tag indoors, not in our initial plans but they offered for free since it rained on their golf game, how can you resist these cute girls?

DSC00664Look at the huge piece of cake the party hostess gave Sophie, she tried to eat it all, fortunately she couldn’t :)


They were excited to turn 7 and had a fabulous time with their favorite friends and bro’s. I keep telling them to stop growing up so fast, but they do it anyway ;). Thanks everyone who joined the celebration and made it a special day with Sophie and Sage, they wanted to invite more but I limited it to 5 ea, everyone was so sweet and polite. I normally do a special party at home for my girls, but with such a busy month (Paul’s b-day, Nick’s graduation, many end of school activities) this was the best option, and a piece of cake for mom. It worked out great, a blast for all and full of fun memories!