Friday, June 25, 2010

Not what he wanted for his B-day…

Trevor won’t forget his 12th Birthday.  As planned, his friends came over this morning at 10.  The plan was to go see “The Karate Kid”, then back to the house for a dip in the pool and BBQ burgers, cake & creamies, then open gifts.  Paul had to be to work by 3, so we planned a fun early party and Trevor and his buddies were looking forward to it.

Well, he still hasn’t opened his gifts, we have to plan a part II to his birthday celebration.  After only five minutes into the party, they were out back playing 500 for a few minutes until heading to the movies.  While running to get the football, Trevor tripped over Sage and landed on the cement around the pool.  He was tough, but we could tell it hurt bad, he kept holding his wrist and was in pain.  We checked him out well and didn’t notice much swelling and he could move it good, so we gave him some Tylenol and went to the show.  They had a great time at the movies, the boys watched The Karate Kid while the girls enjoyed Toy Story 3- thumbs up to both movies!  They all enjoyed it, with popcorn & drinks.

After the movie, Trevor’s wrist was totally swollen & bruising (we’re so bad), we knew it had to be broken.  He said it didn’t hurt (Tylenol kicked in), but we took the boys home and rushed him to the doctors.  Ya, Trevor got a broken arm for his Birthday.  Both bones in his arm are buckled, ouch!,  he’s in a splint and sling for now and he’ll get his cast next week when the swelling’s down.  No swimming, football, chores (he claims), riding his bike…  Summer’s a bad time for a kid to break his arm, I’m thinking of some fun indoor activities for him, any ideas, please share.  At least it’s his left arm, he can still do a lot with one hand, but the no swimming & sports will be tough, he’s been in the pool almost everyday since school’s been out. 

DSC00844Fun group of friends

DSC00845DSC00849Sophie- pink, Sage- red, excited to see Toy Story 3.

DSC00852 all concerned about his arm

DSC_2949DSC_2951If you’re reading this, send Trevor a birthday wish, it would brighten his day.

   2010-06-23 Lemonade stand, Trevors B-day party, broken arm, Bunco     

Trevor liked the Foosball game we gave him (he’ll open his gifts from friends later).   Something fun he could one handed notice Josh’s hand behind his back too, this may be a favorite pastime this summer. 

Well, I know it wasn’t the day you expected, but Happy Birthday Trevor.  You were a trooper and made the most of a painful situation.  We’re proud of you and love you!   Can’t believe you’re 12 already.


SSBenjamins said...

Oh I am feeling SO bad for Trevor right now. We haven't started our's off fun either- I tell ya it's in the water. We have 3 kids over here in my hood with casts on. Are you going to have to go up to Primary's to the fracture clinic for his cast? Also, if he is unable to get a water proof go to my blog and read where he can get the flipper- he can still swim it's so awesome. Trevor feel Better- and HAPPY BIRTHDAY- it's one you will NEVER forget.. Sorry about your arm.

M3 said...

Aw, happy birthday Trevor, and SO sorry about the broken arm. Yeesh.

Chelle said...

Oh man! Of course, a broken arm just in time for summer! I like the waterproof flipper idea from Shalise:)