Friday, June 11, 2010

Millcreek Canyon


This first picture I added was taken from Paul’s camera, ay, I need to borrow it more often :).


They have such cute skorts to wear with their T-shirts, but we don’t get to see them much, they  passionately prefer their soccer shorts, they would live in them if I let them.  Their sporty and comfy style of choice is growing on me, it may not be fancy or frilly, but they can make even a jersey look good.  just glad they still wear pink and dresses at least once a week. 


Very protective of Bruno, post coming  


We had to drop off a few supplies and warmer bedding for the boys at Camp Tracy this morning, Trevor is having a great time with his friends & dad, hope they don’t mind the rain tonight, who’d guess it would be so cold in June. 

The canyons are green and beautiful this time of year.  We drove to the top and took Bruno for a walk, it’s so peaceful and refreshing, a little nerve wracking with the melt off,  high rapid waters,  but we kept our distance.  They liked the waterfalls, ground squirrels, and rolling rivers and  Bruno was in his element and didn’t want us to leave.  We’ll come back soon, with a picnic, the boys, and dad’s camera.