Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wished It...

Paul put this slideshow together for me (thanks hon, it's a treasure!). The girls are wearing the first dress they wore to church after coming home, two years ago, the dress was long then:), and this song... one of my favorites I used to play for them at bedtime...

I thank Paul often for saying "yes" to this adoption. Mainly, I thank my Heavenly Father for sending these precious girls to our home. I have no doubt this was meant to be. I wished for them, prayed for them, rollercoastered for them, and went over the moon for them. It was worth it all. My heart goes out to those waiting in the adoption process, hopefully things will speed up now that the Olympics are over, hoping and praying! Here are some of my favorite pics since the video can't be in their book

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Soccer Stars...

My computer's on the fritz :(. I sat down to do a quick summer catch up post and all my pictures were gone, yikes! We are re-doing our computer. Luckily, it's all backed up but it may be awhile before I have access to everything. With no editing programs I can't even crop or lighten a photo, so don't mind these raw pics. This is Sophie's & Sage's first soccer game, they are loving it ...


Ready to play, where's the rest of our team?

Sidelines, taking a breather

Ms Diane one of their Kindergarten teachers and her husband came to watch Sophie and Sage play.

The girls were thrilled to have Ms Diane come and watch their game. She is such a good and supportive teacher. I'm so glad S & S have her. Thanks for the cheering section Diane!

It's pretty funny watching soccer at this age. The field is small and the nets are big, and the kids flock like magnets to the ball. It's so cute to watch. Sophie and Sage aren't intimidated at all, even with all the boys on the team, they get right in there, sometimes tumbling over each other. The first game Sophie made 6 goals and Sage 2, all in the wrong net. They were playing against a hard team and said it was too hard to make it in the other net. They were so proud of themselves :). We practiced more this week and today their second game, they made goals in the right net. Way to go my soccer girls!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yearly adoption BBQ

The best swing ever! It was soo tall & rotated in a large circle, even had a line to get on. Sophie in brown, Sage in pink

Quickly put on our suits to cool off in the fountain wading pool

Hanging out with T and others at the pond

We fed the ducks

Dad took some awesome pictures of the flowers, isn't he good?

New friends. They were so cute and fun, they spent most of their time w/ S & S.

Cindy awesome founder of group

A blast with old friends- cute Becca

Endless smiles. Can't wait 'til next year!

Friday, September 12, 2008

What I've been up too, without my girls...

I miss my girls so much while they're in kindergarten, but I'm taking advantage of the few hours I have each day to get some things done and relax (well, eventually I'll relax). I've been asked what I'm going to do with my time?...

I have a lot to do before it's really "my time", but I'm getting there and working on all the stuff that has been neglected these past two years. The last time my home was spic and span clean was before China, oh yes, and the time we almost put our house on the market, about 6 mts ago, feeling we'd outgrown this house. If you need a few hints why my house got neglected, their names start with S. As much as I like a nice clean home, it was well worth overlooking a few things to spend time with my kids. Of course they do chores, but my biggest wish over the summer was a weekly cleaning lady (I had one hired right before Pauls accident, then canceled due to upcoming medical bills) "Cleaning the house while children are in it is like shoveling your walks in the middle of a snow storm". Now, I have time to get everything back in order. I've almost filled the recycle bin already and you should see my "to file" pile. So far, I've cleaned out our office/craft room, made a cozy homework nook for the kids, defrosted our garage freezer, cleaned and organized our upstairs office area, and balanced the checkbook (hadn't been done for a few months, good thing it balanced!)... Not a lot of fun, but it's so nice to get done! I volunteer at the kids school each Friday (something I haven't been able to do lately, Trevor and the girls love it) and continue my weekly outings to the temple with my hon while the girls spend some special time with Grandma B., thanks mom! I'm able to prepare better meals, and I finally read "Twilight", yae! It won't be long before I get all the big projects out of the way, and can enjoy some down time while the kids are in school- reading, blogging, art or photography classes, occasional lunch w/ friends, while keeping up with my family ... Can't wait!

Now, for a kindergarten update. Sophie and Sage have eased real well into kindergarten, I worried at first, for nothing thank goodness. They are blessed with a fabulous teacher, learning, doing good work, and making nice friends. They are definitely loved at this school, their brothers and brothers friends all watch over them, and this is the first time I've had a teachers' aid offer to babysit anytime. The kids in their class are great and gather to play with S & S when I drop them off. There's a good speech therapist at the school, but their teacher thinks it isn't necessary, just effects of ESL (English as a second language). He can understand them pretty well and we both think their language will improve a great deal this year . I am thankful that they've taken this next step so well, and I'm so grateful for the wonderful people in their lives that have made each new step great for them, it makes me proud of the community I live in, of course I expect no less. Sophie and Sage are resilient, full of life, sweet, happy girls.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Saying Good-Bye :(

We love Lindsay!

Boys having fun!

Making friends

But here are our best friends! Swinging with Rollarblades?

Good-Bye Danny & Lindsay, for now, so glad you spent your last day with us. It was so fun!... Hope to see you real soon, we miss you already.

Enjoy CA, work hard so you can be our dentist someday Danny :)