Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Josh’s photo shoot

DSC_4093 those eyes! DSC_4073 DSC_4083 DSC_4086Who spies Bruno? DSC_4100

Josh has a few fun classes in HS this year, a nice break from his challenging honors classes.  He’s making an acoustical guitar in woodshop, so stoked about that.  And he’s taking a commercial digital photography class.  This assignment was facial shots and texture.  All pictures are SOOC, except for minimal cropping and the black & white pic (best way to fix an overexposed shot).  Sage was the willing lovely subject this time, Sophie was busy, we’ll catch her next. 

Josh- great eye for photography (we noticed that from the pictures you took in China).  Good composition and way to capture Sage’s personality.          

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Recognition… {sunday snapshot}


We don’t need it- praise… but it’s always nice to get.  I haven’t blogged much about my work and I’ve been hesitant to post this, but I should for memory’s sake, it’s a big part of my/our lives, I’ve really enjoyed my job and helping others.  A few days ago when I opened my email, there were two personal notes- one from my supervisor who oversees 60+ designers throughout 5 states, congratulating on my sales & closing rate, job well done, she says “you’re hot girl!, keep up the great work”.   And one from the Director of Sales acknowledging my work and thanking me for being part of their team and their top designer in the state I’m sure that fluctuates.  It was nice and personal.  I know I’ve been blessed with this position and I’m grateful every day, especially with the economy the way it is my heart goes out to those out of work right now.  What makes this work is not letting it neglect my family, they come first.  It’s been nice to make my own schedule and work around their schedule.  I love being a mom to 5, wife to 1, and designer to many.  I have a short business trip next week, looking forward to going with a good friend & colleague from design school.   It’s packed full of great seminars, product updates, meeting other designers, etc.  Thanks Paul for holding down the fort at home and being so supportive, you and the kids will be missed!  

As a mom, the rewards often come later in life.  You don’t get raises, pats on the back, business perks, public recognition for doing the most important, most rewarding and hardest job out there.  The rewards seem to come a later…

For me, it’s seeing your son work 2 jobs over the summer saving for college, as I look back at the beginning of his high school years when he had no interest in attending college.   Grown up.  When seeing your fifteen year old (he’s now 16) want to date like his buddies are, but adhere to family rules (& church standards) to wait until you’re 16.  Good example.  When seeing your 12 year old get clobbered on the football field but bounce right back and thank you for letting him play.  His first year of tackle, he loves it- yikes.  And seeing your daughters rock the soccer field even though they’re the smallest on the team, but step back to make sure their teammates have a chance.  This makes it all worth it, the piles of laundry, dirty dishes, occasional loud music, drum & guitar practice (teenagers), and car pooling everywhere. 

Sending some mommy perks… pats on the back and big hugs to the wonderful moms that do so much for their families (can’t leave out the hard working dads!)


DSC00923DSC00924DSC00959  A few pics from July, I have some summer catching up to do.

Fun design post next- Parade of Homes favorites.

Ni Hao Y'all

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saturdays- Sweet…

A nice break from work and school on the week-end and I become my children’s, and their teams, biggest cheerleader.  Don’t worry, not the loud obnoxious type.DSC01269halftime snacks and soccer team photos, great game Pink Panthers! 

DSC01256Aren’t they cute?  Then off to Trevor’s football game  

DSC01281 Go Diggers, Go 15!  This is Trevor’s first year playing tackle, he loves it- yikes  He’s learning a lot and has come a long way, great coaches. 

DSC01294Playing hard, hungry for In-N-Out Burger for lunch

DSC_0102 Then that evening, Josh is in another fun entertaining play (top-middle), Broadway Kidz- Magic

DSC_0103 What an awesome show, performing in an outdoor amphitheater this year.  I enjoy watching Josh on stage, he’s so comfortable, a natural.  They’ve worked hard these last couple of months rehearsing, the whole group did great!  (Excuse the blurry picture, I took it from further back, but wanted the dancing shot).  The girls enjoyed it too and were glued.  When it was over, they said “It’s over already?”  I think they’re ready to audition next year.  We saw it three times.


As a mom, I can’t think of a better way to spend my Saturdays.  So what are your favorite Saturday activities?

Monday, September 13, 2010

So far, so good- {Sunday Snapshot}


The cute clan saying good-bye to Nick. That first picture says it all, someone said to “look sad” Sage’s face on the right made me chuckle and Sophie helping Bruno say good-bye, ahhh. Then the happy farewell, Sage still looking concerned. They’re going to miss their bro.


For those who asked, Nick is attending BYU-I (in Idaho), an awesome university with students from all over, not easy to get accepted. It was so nice spending the day with him on campus. It’s grown a lot , but still has the same small feel and spirit to it. Nick ended up in the dorm that Paul was in (with a different name, what a pleasant surprise). The freshman and new families received a warm welcome everywhere we went.

After getting him checked in and arranged, many, many long lines, we divided and conquered, we enjoyed an authentic student lunch in the cafeteria. Now that’s come a long way, restaurant style with a variety of choices that wasn't too bad. At the parent/ new student orientation, it totally confirmed that this is the perfect place for Nick. Fun, nice size, gospel centered, and very academic- he can handle some cold weather with all of that. I was touched when the President and his wife spoke, telling us how much they love our children, reminding us to let go but stay in touch, but most impressive, he gave out his personal email address to all the new parents, just in case... Wow, of course he said to use it wisely.

Nick hit it off great with his new roommate, phew. Cool, nice kid from a good family in Texas. Nick’s probably done more these first few days of college (before starting classes) then he’s done most of his summer, besides work- longboarding with his roommate, first college dance, Luau, Tuesday devotional, movie night… So glad they keep them busy with great activities, especially in the beginning, he probably hasn’t had a chance to miss us.

I even snuck in a haircut. It was funny cutting Nick’s new roommates hair on the grass in front of the dorms with student Fiskar scissors- whatever works. The new students and adults walking by asked for a number. Poor guy stood in line for about an hour for his I-card and pic, to be told he needs a haircut first to meet dress code. The hair salons around were closed for Labor day so he was very thankful I could help, and it turned out great even with student scissors :).

Well Thursday was Nicks first day of classes. Let the homework begin, I’m sure he’ll still find time for fun.

DSC01240 My dad met us for dinner one night, so great seeing him


We enjoyed a fun Luau the last night. OK, the only place better then here would be BYU-Hawaii. Maybe after your mission Nick :).

I pulled in today and noticed Nick’s car in the driveway, made me think for a second he was here like any other day, he left it here for Josh… so blogging about the great details helps me not miss his so much. :) We chatted with him last night on the web cam, he’s doing great!

Ni Hao Y'all

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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Nick’s off to college- {Sunday Snapshot}

It came sooner then imagined, our oldest heading off to college. He’s attending the same University where Paul & I met, when it was a quaint 2 year college. It will be neat to see the campus again, so many memories. I’m so happy for him, but I’ll try not to cry all the way home. I wanted some family shots before he’s leaves.


Last Sunday’s dinner was Nick’s choice- Steak w/ sautéed mushrooms and mouthwatering shrimp. I about teared up helping the kids set the table, last one with him for awhile.


Friday night we went to a fun movie I wanted to see with him and the kids before he left, Toy Story 3, made us laugh and the whole college and growing up thing was too familiar, sigh (ya, I cried). Paul had to work, so he took us out to a nice dinner Saturday night. After that, Nick made sure everything was packed then he and Josh stayed up too late laughing and chatting, they are close brothers and will really miss each other. Throughout the day, the girls would say “I can’t believe Nick is leaving for college tomorrow, I’m going to miss him!” They think he’s the bomb for leaving them his drum set (he’s been giving them lessons :), I may not be so thrilled.

Love you Nick! You’ll be missed around here, but we know you’ll do great!

Ni Hao Y'all

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Our summer mis-haps…

A heads up, not the prettiest pictures…  With a large family, there are bound to be some injuries, but we had our share this summer.  It could’ve been worse I know,  but it stinks seeing loved ones get hurt.   


Ouch…  riding bikes in the park, poor Sage was looking elsewhere and ran right into a metal pole cemented in the sidewalk (to keep cars out) and the handle bars got her in the chin.  She instantly started laughing which caused the rest of us to laugh as I rushed over to her.  Then she felt the pain and started crying  (she rarely cries, so I knew it was bad!).  Later she asked me why I laughed when she got hurt?  Dang!     



Little athletes, I haven’t found a sport yet that they aren’t good at.  First time in the batting cages, they had a ball, ha, pun.  That stance of Sophie on the left cracks me up, but they hardly missed a hit.  Then, a ball slid off the bat and flew sideways, whacking me in the face (luckily right under my eye, I should’ve kept my helmet on, at least it didn’t hit the camera :).    So I sported a black eye for a couple of weeks, ya, it added a lot to my professional look during my design appointments, didn’t slow me down though.  Paul was out of town at the time, so he was off the hook :).


My beautiful mom & I with matching injuries.   The corner of the car door got her in the cheek, she should’ve had stitches, but waited too long, so they glued it- no complaints from her as usual.  And the beginning of my black eye before it got bruised.  Injury loves company :), A little worn and injured, but not down and out.      


A 12th birthday Trevor won’t forget, breaking his arm during the first 5 min. of his party. They still went and saw The Karate Kid, then it was obvious it was broken so we took him right in.  We’re thankful for waterproof casts, it didn’t ruin his summer and he was able to finish his pool party a week later. 


My older boys didn’t escape mishaps either- Nick (18) worked hard this summer preparing for college, proud of him.  He had two jobs and spent a lot of time driving.  He worked for his young men’s leader during the day building industrial shelves, physical labor is so good for teenage boys.  He also worked for a tasty Pizzeria a few nights a week- “Sweet Home Chicago Pizza”, a fun, social job.  On one delivery with the sun glaring in his eyes, he couldn’t see the turn, and turned too sharp into the median on a side street, knocking over a sign.  Luckily, no one got hurt, just the car banged up a little.  Man!  We towed it home and his dad and him had some good father/son time fixing the oil pan together.  I’m thankful for Paul’s patience with the boys and these teaching moments.   

Last, Josh (15) had a fun, eventful summer.   But broke his toe wake boarding in Lake Powell with friends, it was perpendicular to the rest of his toes, geesh.  His buddy had to bend it back into place for him, he was walking funny for awhile.

Well, it was a good summer, but we had our share of  injuries.  So here’s my injury post for the year, I hope.