Thursday, September 02, 2010

Our summer mis-haps…

A heads up, not the prettiest pictures…  With a large family, there are bound to be some injuries, but we had our share this summer.  It could’ve been worse I know,  but it stinks seeing loved ones get hurt.   


Ouch…  riding bikes in the park, poor Sage was looking elsewhere and ran right into a metal pole cemented in the sidewalk (to keep cars out) and the handle bars got her in the chin.  She instantly started laughing which caused the rest of us to laugh as I rushed over to her.  Then she felt the pain and started crying  (she rarely cries, so I knew it was bad!).  Later she asked me why I laughed when she got hurt?  Dang!     



Little athletes, I haven’t found a sport yet that they aren’t good at.  First time in the batting cages, they had a ball, ha, pun.  That stance of Sophie on the left cracks me up, but they hardly missed a hit.  Then, a ball slid off the bat and flew sideways, whacking me in the face (luckily right under my eye, I should’ve kept my helmet on, at least it didn’t hit the camera :).    So I sported a black eye for a couple of weeks, ya, it added a lot to my professional look during my design appointments, didn’t slow me down though.  Paul was out of town at the time, so he was off the hook :).


My beautiful mom & I with matching injuries.   The corner of the car door got her in the cheek, she should’ve had stitches, but waited too long, so they glued it- no complaints from her as usual.  And the beginning of my black eye before it got bruised.  Injury loves company :), A little worn and injured, but not down and out.      


A 12th birthday Trevor won’t forget, breaking his arm during the first 5 min. of his party. They still went and saw The Karate Kid, then it was obvious it was broken so we took him right in.  We’re thankful for waterproof casts, it didn’t ruin his summer and he was able to finish his pool party a week later. 


My older boys didn’t escape mishaps either- Nick (18) worked hard this summer preparing for college, proud of him.  He had two jobs and spent a lot of time driving.  He worked for his young men’s leader during the day building industrial shelves, physical labor is so good for teenage boys.  He also worked for a tasty Pizzeria a few nights a week- “Sweet Home Chicago Pizza”, a fun, social job.  On one delivery with the sun glaring in his eyes, he couldn’t see the turn, and turned too sharp into the median on a side street, knocking over a sign.  Luckily, no one got hurt, just the car banged up a little.  Man!  We towed it home and his dad and him had some good father/son time fixing the oil pan together.  I’m thankful for Paul’s patience with the boys and these teaching moments.   

Last, Josh (15) had a fun, eventful summer.   But broke his toe wake boarding in Lake Powell with friends, it was perpendicular to the rest of his toes, geesh.  His buddy had to bend it back into place for him, he was walking funny for awhile.

Well, it was a good summer, but we had our share of  injuries.  So here’s my injury post for the year, I hope.       


M3 said...

Oh my word, that is definitely the summer of injuries!!! Wow. Hey I'll bet you've used up years of injuries now and will sail through for at least a decade without any more. :-)

Dianne said...

M3- ya, I'd like to say we used them up, injury free for a decade sounds great.