Friday, August 27, 2010

First week of school

Update- I've had some inquiries about my school choice, here's a better introduction to this post. For some reason this was a tough choice, especially regarding the girls. I knew Trevor would make the change well and attend Jr. High here, which his older brother attended last year. But the girls were so established and happy where they were. It would also be great for them to learn Mandarin at this young age, and they will someday soon, but I didn't feel strong about that school choice for the girls. After a lot of thought and prayer, I knew this was the best choice. A great Charter school, highly academic, good social opportunities, and keeping the family together on the same schedule. The main drawback was repeating 1st grade for the girls, and it still bothers them and me. Although they are playing catch up slightly from being adopted older (mainly with language, they've come so far and are doing great), they are very smart and tested in the higher groups at this new school, so they will still be challenged. It's still kinda sad to see, they really miss their friends and vibrant teachers from their old school, but they make friends quickly and I'm sure they'll do well here, it just takes a little time. I'm hoping soon I'll look at this as a blessing in disguise. They are such happy girls, and I'm glad they have each other. Last night my independent Sophie asked if I would hold her for awhile. I've been giving them a lot of extra hugs lately, they are troopers.

School’s off to a good start, for the most part. Trevor says it’s awesome… having a male teacher, being in Jr. High, playing football at recess, tasty hot lunches (they have pretty healthy lunches here, so it's a nice break from having to make sack lunches every day), and the new buddies he’s meeting. He enjoys the curriculum and shares with me some neat things he’s learning. So glad to see his mind enlightened and how much he likes it.


For the girls, the first day of school was a little rocky. No tears or anything, but they missed their friends and old school. They like their new teacher (she’s great, so glad they got her), but getting used to a more structured, strict school- and all new people.

Sophie’s comment after the first day made me chuckle- “all the teachers here are Grandma’s.” She’s had young, spunky teachers before. The ones here are all ages, young & older, experienced and enthusiastic. Another complaint from the girls was having to wait for recess to use the bathroom. “I almost peed my pants!” she said. It’s still a fun, loving school, they just expect a lot from the students, could be good in many ways. It’s nice having them in the same class again, especially since they’re independent of each other, but great friends.

Each day got a little better and by today (Friday), they were telling me how much they like this school. Phew, what a relief! I was hoping I did the right thing, giving up their spot in their last school. I still feel good about it and I’m sure they’ll learn a lot, they even found a good friend that transferred over from their old school that they play with at recess. Won’t be long before they make many friends in their new class as well.


Sophie reading out loud 15 minutes every day (they both do it)- great for comprehension and articulation.

A few Sunday pics below, day before school started

DSC_0648DSC_0635 DSC_0637

A downside having the girls attend this school is there wasn’t room in 2nd grade, they were first on the list but there were no openings, so they are in 1st grade again. I gave this a lot of thought and prayer… because it’s highly academic, it really won’t be much of a repeat… just them knowing they are repeating was tough, but they know the reason (I also wouldn’t do this unless switching schools). I believe they will still be challenged, they tested into the higher (2nd grade level) math group, and are placed in the reading group on their advanced level. It’s great how they individualize the education here (I used to teach math 4/5 to the 3rd graders here). Also, they didn’t turn 7 until May, so they’re not much older, plus so many parents are redshirting their kids nowadays, I knew they’d be fine. Besides their cute petite size. Sophie asked last year why they were one of the smallest in the class, Sage confidently said “I know, because we’re twins”. Good answer :) And last, with them being adopted older, they’ve had some catching up and a lot to learn in these short four years being here, although they’ll probably pass the norm academically. Ya, it’s been a big change for them, but they are survivors and doing great.

And how impressive, as I was walking the girls in on the first day of school the principal was outside welcoming everyone, and although he hasn’t really met the girls yet, he welcomed us by name. I know we’re hard to miss (blond & black hair)- but he seems to know everyone's name at the school, new and returning. Today while picking up the girls, he was out in the rain guiding the carpool lanes. Few principals do that, he’s very involved and makes an effort to know everyone in the school (this is his 3rd year, he wasn’t here when I worked here).

Thanks again for the insights and inquiries on the girls school situation, it wasn’t a clear choice at first, but now clear as day.

Many new things happening in this busy household. Josh got his drivers license and started high school, he's in Broadway Kidz, he’s loving life and already has some dates set up, Trevor started Football which consumes our evenings but he loves it, and Nick is off to college in one week… :)/:( He’ll be missed but we’re happy for him.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Which school type did you end up choosing? Our daughter just started new at a school as a 1st grader too - any tips on making friends when most of the students already have made friends the year before?

Thressa said...

I'm so glad that all the kids are doing well at the new school.

Dianne said...

Anonymous: Sorry, I didn't explain very well- we chose the highly academic Charter School with Trevor next door at the Jr. High- same schedule :)

As for tips on making friends in a new school- planning a few week-end playdates w/ classmates help them get to know others quickly. Or hosting a "back to school" party and letting them invite the girls in their class, great way to get to know the kids and their parents personally. I thought about doing that, just don't have the time right now. Also, helping out in the classroom every once in awhile makes a big difference. Luckily, kids at this age make friends quickly.

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