Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spoiled for my B-day…

Didn’t expect this, it came quickly at a busy time, and it’s easy to forget your birthday once you’ve turned 40,  but my family and friends wouldn’t let me forget…  nice lunches w/ friends &…DSC_3647


No bon fire, they put all 43 candles on the delicious chocolate cake

DSC_3651 DSC_3654

Served some of my favorite dishes



They gave me a “Certificate of Achievement”.  Ha, ha, according to my kids, it’s an achievement to turn 43.













Don’t mind my stunning black eye, I’ll explain in another post…  but you should’ve seen the other guy!

DSC_3769The man behind it all.  You thought of everything hon, the tasty BBQ, homemade cards, thoughtful gifts, & fun guests.  The kids had a blast preparing with you.  You wouldn’t let me lift a finger that day and sent me to relax in my room and enjoy a good book while you and the kids got everything ready, then enjoyed a great dinner & evening. It was fabulous, thanks for pampering me and making it a perfect day!  XOXOXO     


Tina Michelle said...

That sounds amazingly fun! Happy birthday! Sounds like you enjoyed yourself.

M3 said...

Happy birthday!! Looks like a wonderful celebration!