Sunday, September 30, 2012

The fifth commandment…

Sage (right) was asked to give a talk in Primary today on honoring your mother and father.
Of course we loved the topic and I enjoyed helping her prepare.  Right before giving it she said, “but mom, what if they don’t understand me (she still has a cute accent)?”  I insured her they will understand and she’ll do great.  She did a fabulous job- well prepared, articulate, confident and genuine.  The kids were attentive and Sage received many compliments afterwards, she felt great!

 DSC03219 DSC03217
At home after, Sophie talking to Grandma, and Sage doing a victory cartwheel, even in a dress :)

sweet smart girls!
Here’s the talk she prepared (with some help from me), I like the story she shared, pg. 2…
Great job Sage!! 
Josh also shared his testimony in church today, makes this mommy pleased.  Love the sweet spirit in children (and teenagers)!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

School update…

Don’t you like it when a big decision you made for your child pays off…  like choosing the right school, or the right team to join... 
Trust me, I had my doubts… taking them from a school they loved and were well known, going to many birthday parties and had the best of friends, with young enthusiastic teachers, everyone adored Sophie and Sage.  They enjoyed going to school each day.  Then, two years ago, I switched schools to keep my children together, moving to a different, highly academic Charter School that goes into Jr. High and High School (one I taught at before going to China, both schools very hard to get into).  For the first year they didn’t like their strict new school and asked almost everyday to go back to their old one, I felt awful for making the change but made the best of it.  I considered moving them back at risk of being a helicopter mom, but there were no openings and I hoped it would just take time and they would find their niche at their new school.  This is the year, they have great teachers and have made wonderful friends and aren’t asking to go back to their old school anymore.  I’ve heard them say many times they like school.   They’re nicknamed Ninja by many, since they rule at anything athletic :), along with being a great friend to others.  It may not be as fun and cultured as their last, more relaxed IB school, but it’s more advanced academically, they’re learning a ton and finally starting to love it!  Phew!!
Trevor is having a better year too, although, I don’t know if I’m ready for this… my once shy kid around girls is becoming quite the ladies man.   They love this cute, quirky kid!  He met his group of friends for pizza and night games at the park last week, 10 girls and a few boys.
Fun school days!  At least they get to pick out their own shoes.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Josh’s Homecoming Dance…

Our High School Senior, ready for his last Homecoming, who said he could grow up so fast??  Lovin’ life
Cute couple I’m sure she has a jacket to go with that stylish little dress, somewhere?  Their group of about 16 had a great time.  For the day activity, they went to a nearby Fast Track, Go Kart racing.  They had to get their permission slips notarized, yikes.  Then off to the dance, with swimming and dessert at one of the boys house afterwards.  Nice homecoming, and only spent a total of $120, we paid half, he paid the rest :)
Great group of friends
A few things I love about my senior (mom’s bragging rights before he’s out of the house, less then a year, sigh…)
  • your happy outlook on life and fun sense of humor
  • works hard part time while taking advanced classes at school, maintaining high GPA, will graduate with about 20 college credits
  • Great goals, planning on medical school after mission, already taking medical course in High School
  • having fun dating, without getting too serious with one girl
  • responsible & leader in church and school
  • teaches guitar privately and at his high school (guitar 3)
  • Makes and keeps great friends
  • genuine and trustworthy
Of course he has his trials and weaknesses, but handles them well.  Keep up the great work Josh, we know you can do whatever you put your heart in!
LOL, Josh on right, his date pushed him in right before the picture, then they all dived in

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mickey time…

We planned our vacation for the end of August, one week before school starts (only week our timeshare was available).  It turned out good… gave us something to look forward to all summer, and school had already started in CA, so it wasn’t too crowded. Although, the heat was sizzling.
The girls were excited, this year they were tall enough to ride “Indiana Jones” & the “The Screamer” with the family their new favorite Roller Coaster
Have to see Mickey.
But thrilled to see… Merida, the highlight of their day!  Sophie purple, Sage pink
They looked for Rapunzel in the parade, another favorite
Our crazy drivers, spending a short time in Tune Town
Then off to the elegant Colonial Haunted House, and all the other thrilling rides
Day 2 was California Adventures.  Heading to Radiator Springs down Route 66, the new Cars Land is awesome!   Of course we all enjoy Soaring over California.
Happiest Place on Earth, at least the kids think so!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Oceanside 2012

One of our favorite drivable vacation spots



Fun place to be with my BFF and love


cutest blue tug boat!

DSC02709 From the resort, walk to dinner at Joe’s on the Pier.  Sage and Josh, love it


So funny…  The Sea Lions hopped up on the dock, so Trevor and the girls borrowed my camera, and ran to get a picture.  They hurried right up to them (a little too close for comfort) until the Sea Lions started barking and squealing very loudly… I’ve never seen the kids run away so fast, LOL.  Trevor wasn’t giving up though, he slowly moved in, poked his head around the boat, and got the picture.  Everyone around us was entertained and chuckling.  Nice picture Trevor!


Fresh Crab Steampots, delish!


view from our table, stunning

a597d75d9ffa00a9bfa95225393cd050 enjoying the sunset


Happy Day!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

She found Sea Shells…

at the Sea Shore :)
Ready for a day at the beach Sage- left, Sophie- right

Great time collecting shells after playing in the waves with their brothers (beach pics soon).  Back at the room, they didn’t waste any time, carefully washing and drying each one, being very careful not to break any.
DSC02678 then Sophie arranged them according to size and color, love my organizers! 
Showing me their favorites, Sage went for the big one and Sophie liked the unique ones.  wild beach bum hair
Nice collection girls!
Beautiful pic my hubby took that evening

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Stop in Vegas

on our way to Cally


Cuties excited for a long road trip… Paul set them up with some good movies on their Ipad, only way to travel.  But we didn’t pull them out for the first few hours, for some good old fashioned family travel time. 




The ride was nice until we were about an hour away, we hit gridlock.  Most annoying road construction, took us 3 hours to go 9 miles!!  Very lame to do this in the middle of the day, some cars were overheating and running out of gas.



Luckily, we had some good snacks and a lot of water on hand (triple digit temperatures outside)



But after the second hour, I pulled out the good stuff!


We finally made it, hungry and ready for a good dinner at Maggiano’s, Little Italy



Stopped to see the Pirate show at Treasure Island, on our way to see the lights at Bellagio.  We left the Pirate show early, it’s not what it used to be


Yae, I caught some nice smiles from my teenagers!  :)


Swim time back at the resort, then heading to Disneyland tomorrow, yahoo!