Wednesday, September 26, 2012

School update…

Don’t you like it when a big decision you made for your child pays off…  like choosing the right school, or the right team to join... 
Trust me, I had my doubts… taking them from a school they loved and were well known, going to many birthday parties and had the best of friends, with young enthusiastic teachers, everyone adored Sophie and Sage.  They enjoyed going to school each day.  Then, two years ago, I switched schools to keep my children together, moving to a different, highly academic Charter School that goes into Jr. High and High School (one I taught at before going to China, both schools very hard to get into).  For the first year they didn’t like their strict new school and asked almost everyday to go back to their old one, I felt awful for making the change but made the best of it.  I considered moving them back at risk of being a helicopter mom, but there were no openings and I hoped it would just take time and they would find their niche at their new school.  This is the year, they have great teachers and have made wonderful friends and aren’t asking to go back to their old school anymore.  I’ve heard them say many times they like school.   They’re nicknamed Ninja by many, since they rule at anything athletic :), along with being a great friend to others.  It may not be as fun and cultured as their last, more relaxed IB school, but it’s more advanced academically, they’re learning a ton and finally starting to love it!  Phew!!
Trevor is having a better year too, although, I don’t know if I’m ready for this… my once shy kid around girls is becoming quite the ladies man.   They love this cute, quirky kid!  He met his group of friends for pizza and night games at the park last week, 10 girls and a few boys.
Fun school days!  At least they get to pick out their own shoes.