Monday, September 10, 2012

Oceanside 2012

One of our favorite drivable vacation spots



Fun place to be with my BFF and love


cutest blue tug boat!

DSC02709 From the resort, walk to dinner at Joe’s on the Pier.  Sage and Josh, love it


So funny…  The Sea Lions hopped up on the dock, so Trevor and the girls borrowed my camera, and ran to get a picture.  They hurried right up to them (a little too close for comfort) until the Sea Lions started barking and squealing very loudly… I’ve never seen the kids run away so fast, LOL.  Trevor wasn’t giving up though, he slowly moved in, poked his head around the boat, and got the picture.  Everyone around us was entertained and chuckling.  Nice picture Trevor!


Fresh Crab Steampots, delish!


view from our table, stunning

a597d75d9ffa00a9bfa95225393cd050 enjoying the sunset


Happy Day!