Sunday, September 02, 2012

Stop in Vegas

on our way to Cally


Cuties excited for a long road trip… Paul set them up with some good movies on their Ipad, only way to travel.  But we didn’t pull them out for the first few hours, for some good old fashioned family travel time. 




The ride was nice until we were about an hour away, we hit gridlock.  Most annoying road construction, took us 3 hours to go 9 miles!!  Very lame to do this in the middle of the day, some cars were overheating and running out of gas.



Luckily, we had some good snacks and a lot of water on hand (triple digit temperatures outside)



But after the second hour, I pulled out the good stuff!


We finally made it, hungry and ready for a good dinner at Maggiano’s, Little Italy



Stopped to see the Pirate show at Treasure Island, on our way to see the lights at Bellagio.  We left the Pirate show early, it’s not what it used to be


Yae, I caught some nice smiles from my teenagers!  :)


Swim time back at the resort, then heading to Disneyland tomorrow, yahoo!


Anonymous said...

Oh my. Tell me those kids are not sitting on the railing of the balcony. Maybe it is just the photo but they look to be several floors up and teetering on the edge.

Dianne said...

I appreciate your concern, but Yes, it is the photo. It looks deceiving, but it was perfectly safe, there was a large platform extending out and behind you can't see. Don't worry, if I wouldn't allow them to watch the pirate show, I certainly wouldn't let them sit on a dangerous ledge. Just saying, but I agree, it looks scary.