Sunday, September 30, 2012

The fifth commandment…

Sage (right) was asked to give a talk in Primary today on honoring your mother and father.
Of course we loved the topic and I enjoyed helping her prepare.  Right before giving it she said, “but mom, what if they don’t understand me (she still has a cute accent)?”  I insured her they will understand and she’ll do great.  She did a fabulous job- well prepared, articulate, confident and genuine.  The kids were attentive and Sage received many compliments afterwards, she felt great!

 DSC03219 DSC03217
At home after, Sophie talking to Grandma, and Sage doing a victory cartwheel, even in a dress :)

sweet smart girls!
Here’s the talk she prepared (with some help from me), I like the story she shared, pg. 2…
Great job Sage!! 
Josh also shared his testimony in church today, makes this mommy pleased.  Love the sweet spirit in children (and teenagers)!