Sunday, October 07, 2012

School pics & broke a record…

A little competition can be good, don’t you think? in fact, it can be great, when done right.  My kids’ school embraces opportunities of competition, hoping to raise the bar and motivate the students to become their best.  Healthy competition is a natural part of life, keeping us from being complacent or taking the road of least resistance while pushing us to excel.
Burt Sage BWBurt Sage ColorBurt Sage Sepia
Sage- came in 3rd for her grade on the mile run at school.  So fast, even with a side ache that day :) 
Burt Sophie BWBurt Sophie ColorBurt Sophie Sepia
Sophie-  won the mile race and broke the 3rd grade school record, Go Girl!  They cheered her on and gave her a cool t-shirt endorsed by local companies.  She and Sage are petite and must’ve hustled to outrun the taller kids, I’m sure all of their soccer training helped.  They ran on different days, since they’re in different classes this year.
I like their winning “I can do it” attitude and  passion, putting their heart in whatever they try, along with showing compassion and love for others.  To them it’s not all about the win, but pushing themselves and developing and sharing their talents.  They also enjoy seeing friends skills and talents, so cute seeing them with their friends, teaching each other things they’re good at, that’s how they learned to do a back flip :). 
BTW, I ordered the kids pictures (and images on dvd to share) with the distressed background above, they messed up on the others so they’re sending me the right ones. 
Burt Trevor BWBurt Trevor ColorBurt Trevor Sepia
& congrats Trevor on making the school play, can’t wait to see it!!  He enjoyed performing in Broadway Kidz this summer at the amphitheater, he’s excited to perform in his school play “Ghostchasers”.
Here’s to a fun & educational school year!