Tuesday, October 23, 2012


There’s nothing better, according to my girls, then playdates and seeing their good friends (except a fun family outing).
A school friends’ awesome Pow Wow birthday party.  They had Teepee's, made jewelry and had S’mores out back, so fun!  She’s in Sophie’s class this year, a great friend!
A close classmate and another BFF, so happy that Cowabunga Bay stayed opened even after school started this year!  She’s in Sage’s class.
A special visit as they’re passing through town.  Dr. Danny (just became a dentist!) Lindsay, and their darling Maya.  The girls old Primary teachers (best teachers ever!) and forever friends.  Yummy yogurt stop at U-Swirl.
These cuties have a blast at recess together! 
Well I just gave away what their Halloween costumes are- Sophie the Soccer Ball (ya, she’s a bit passionate about soccer, so it was worth all the paint), and Sage the amazing Crayon, LOL, she’s happy she can still do cartwheels and back tucks in her costume.  At the town Halloween Party.  
They were thrilled to see their fun soccer and old school friend that had moved to Boston, and just moved back home!  They instantly exchanged numbers and planned an upcoming get together.
and fun with their good friend from our old neighborhood, they miss their friends there!  There aren’t any girls their age in our new neighborhood, so we plan many playdates.  Innovative girls… since we don’t have trees yet in our yard, they went to the nearby church and gathered all the leaves, then brought them back home to enjoy on the tramp.  They even bagged them all when they were done :)
Blessed with wonderful friends!!
  Their friends tell me how funny Sophie and Sage are.
but their best friend is their mom… I was a bit under the weather that day.
and of course their brother(s) & dad
and each other!
(at least most of the time)
Love my BFF’s!