Tuesday, May 31, 2011

4 more days… see crazy hair day below, added

until school is out!  The kids are counting down, and I’m condensing my list of things to get done before it’s out…

My “little hula honey’sprinted on their shirt.  Spirit week for the last week of school is extra exciting in a school that wears uniforms all year (big fan of uniforms).  The girls were thrilled to wear their new toe socks, although they had to cover them with shoes, I’m sure they’ll let their friends know about their socks :).   Trevor ran out the door before I could get a picture, but he dressed for athletic day.  I’m looking forward to a great summer and finally some good weather.  Have a great week!

Day 2 added…


Crazy Hair Day, doesn’t get much crazier then that, that second picture cracks me up

check back tomorrow for athletic day, a progressive post :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Called to Serve! {Sunday Snapshot}

It came, my oldest sons mission call! (there were some paperwork delays [dr’s portion], then it was sent to his college dorm instead of home, so we were happy to finally have it in hand). We’re so happy for him and his desire to serve the Lord as a full time missionary for 2 years. He’ll be missed, but he’ll do great!

Nick is called to the... Mesa, Arizona mission, Spanish speaking. Woot! It really feels right and Nick feels good about it. As a mom, it will be comforting having him stateside, although it won’t be a breeze, I know he’ll do well with the language and love the people. So, he enters the MTC (missionary training center) on July 20th. It will come quick so enjoying our time with him before he leaves.


Sophie & Sage tell me often how much they’ll miss him

You’ll be missed Nick- your witty sense of humor, your ambition, your positive attitude, and your genuine friendship and care for others & family, and your love for the Lord. But we’re happy to share you with the world as you can share the gospel with others! Love you Elder B!

Thanks everyone (friends & family) for congratulations and well wishes- in person, emails, and Facebook. And his sweet friend Lindsey and her mom, who joined us over Skype when he opened his call, glad we could share that special moment with you.

Sunday Snapshot

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flying High for their B-Day

at Airborne… Can you believe they’re 8 already

DSC_6462Two of Sophie’s BFF’s



DSC_0538DSC_0540 good form, this girl can shoot (the basket was about 12’ high, had to jump high to make it)


Sage’s BFF watching her flip, but who says the kids get all the fun?

DSC_6478Sage in the foam pit


taking a break- ready for pizza, cup-cakes, and gifts


Sophie stole Josh’s seat, so he sat on her lap. Nick was there too, but he kept his distance since he’s getting over a cough. I have good news to share about my oldest (Nick), post coming.


happy to see they’re excited over a good book, chapter books!


Their favorite gifts were the toe socks from their brothers, cute with your flip flops girls!


Sophie & Sage, you are growing into delightful young girls, so loving, smart, and full of life! It’s been a great year, you’ve learned and grown so much, you’re a good friend to others and have added so much to our family. Hard to believe it’s been almost 5 years since you’ve been home, I’m still in awe at how well you’ve adjusted and bonded, I’m glad you’ve always had each other! Big hugs for my 8 year olds, love you like Crazy Cakes!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring Break Wrap up- {Sunday Snapshot}


Lovin the Lazy River, huge hot tub, palm trees and beautiful weather. Sage, Sophie, Trevor



Sophie on IPad, Sage helping push the cart, and even snuck a picture of my boys Josh & Nick :)


Our stay in Anaheim was delightful, a new place just blocks from Disneyland. It had a vibrant contemporary d├ęcor with all the fun stuff, very family friendly. We enjoyed the fireworks on the roof the first night, and came back to this welcoming bouquet of balloons for the girls.


Our last day at the beach Huntington. It felt like ice water to me, but that didn’t stop the boys from jumping in to catch some waves. Even Danny who lives here got in to show them some boogie boarding tips, that says a lot!

DSC_5998Smiley Sophie, reminds me of Wilson from Cast Away


Fish tacos on the beach, then a to-die-for macadamia dessert at Dukes around the corner, later back to the resort for warmer swimming and hot tub. It was great spending time with good friends, D & L, and their adorable Maya. Such fun family times, until next time!

Sunday Snapshot

Click above for Sunday Snapshot

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday Sweet Sophie and Sage


Sophie, Sage, Grandma D.


A fun filled day, coming home to cupcakes, new helmets, and a new basketball, their favorite things right now.


After piano lessons,  Grandma B. met us for dinner with her neat homemade cards (she makes the cutest cards!), the girls liked the Disney theme and they can’t wait to go shopping with the $$.  Thanks Grandma B.! 


After dinner, an awesome visit from the local firefighters, gave them a full tour.


Then a fun visit from Grandma D, she picked out the cute outfits below.  Trevor gave them the mini guitar first thing this morning.  So far so great to be Eight!  


Happy Birthday to my two girls that tug at my heartstrings!!

we have a friend party planned for next week :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

School is Cool

DSC02284Cute sight I pulled up to yesterday. Ambitious girls, doing their homework after school and on their way home, knowing it gives them more precious playtime.


ha, ha, I just noticed what Sage wrote on the side of her paper…  EASY

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy B-day Pauly Baby…



Dad’s choice- BBQ’d steak with fresh fruit, garden salad, baguette, and a yummy cold-stone dessert

DSC_0350Guitar Showcase.  Josh- front left




I have to admit, his birthday snuck up on us.  We talked about it, I made some plans, then it was here before we knew it.  I picked up the kids from school and on the way home we grabbed some fresh steaks & fruit, they wanted to pick something out for him at the dollar store (frisbee from Sage, headphones from Sophie, & I-pad case from Trevor), I picked up a favorite mint ice-cream cake at Coldstone, and WaLa, a birthday party in the makings.  Josh came home and said-  “hey mom, I’m in a guitar concert tonight” at his High School (gotta love teenage scheduling, it’s almost as good as mine :), so what better way to spend your b-day then watch your talented son play.  We enjoyed our BBQ, went to the concert, came back for ice-cream cake & gifts, put the girls down and watched “The King’s Speech”, great movie!   Happy Birthday Babe.  Thanks for being such a great dad and wonderful husband!  I’m taking you out tomorrow night, just you and I.