Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flying High for their B-Day

at Airborne… Can you believe they’re 8 already

DSC_6462Two of Sophie’s BFF’s



DSC_0538DSC_0540 good form, this girl can shoot (the basket was about 12’ high, had to jump high to make it)


Sage’s BFF watching her flip, but who says the kids get all the fun?

DSC_6478Sage in the foam pit


taking a break- ready for pizza, cup-cakes, and gifts


Sophie stole Josh’s seat, so he sat on her lap. Nick was there too, but he kept his distance since he’s getting over a cough. I have good news to share about my oldest (Nick), post coming.


happy to see they’re excited over a good book, chapter books!


Their favorite gifts were the toe socks from their brothers, cute with your flip flops girls!


Sophie & Sage, you are growing into delightful young girls, so loving, smart, and full of life! It’s been a great year, you’ve learned and grown so much, you’re a good friend to others and have added so much to our family. Hard to believe it’s been almost 5 years since you’ve been home, I’m still in awe at how well you’ve adjusted and bonded, I’m glad you’ve always had each other! Big hugs for my 8 year olds, love you like Crazy Cakes!