Tuesday, May 31, 2011

4 more days… see crazy hair day below, added

until school is out!  The kids are counting down, and I’m condensing my list of things to get done before it’s out…

My “little hula honey’sprinted on their shirt.  Spirit week for the last week of school is extra exciting in a school that wears uniforms all year (big fan of uniforms).  The girls were thrilled to wear their new toe socks, although they had to cover them with shoes, I’m sure they’ll let their friends know about their socks :).   Trevor ran out the door before I could get a picture, but he dressed for athletic day.  I’m looking forward to a great summer and finally some good weather.  Have a great week!

Day 2 added…


Crazy Hair Day, doesn’t get much crazier then that, that second picture cracks me up

check back tomorrow for athletic day, a progressive post :)


Kelly said...

What a darling idea for the school to have those fun dress up days to wind down the school year.

Lindsey told you about our adoption plans for Ni Ni I hear. We're going like crazy trying to make it happen before we head back to the states. It's crazy trying to do it all of a sudden when we definitely weren't planning on adopting another child when we first moved here! She's close in age to your girls and turns 8 on June 17. Wish us luck!

Dianne said...


I'll reply here so I don't spill the beans...

I was so thrilled to hear of your adoption plans!! Such a good home and family for Ni Ni, she has seemed to fit in perfectly with your family already, such blessings all around! I wish you the best with speedy preparations and great results- I can imagine how busy you are with paperwork, etc.

Is she in an orphanage, foster care, or w/ family now? Hopefully someday she'll meet Sophie and Sage.
Congratulations and keep me informed, your doing a great thing!

Kelly said...

We are excited! She actually lives with her dad at the moment, but he will be relinquishing his parental rights and turning her over to us. Her mom died last year. Your daughters and she will be close to the same age! We are going to name her Hannah and asked her if she likes the name and she does. It's so shocking to me that this even came about, as we weren't looking for someone to adopt. Now to pull it all together will be the tricky part!