Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring Break Wrap up- {Sunday Snapshot}


Lovin the Lazy River, huge hot tub, palm trees and beautiful weather. Sage, Sophie, Trevor



Sophie on IPad, Sage helping push the cart, and even snuck a picture of my boys Josh & Nick :)


Our stay in Anaheim was delightful, a new place just blocks from Disneyland. It had a vibrant contemporary d├ęcor with all the fun stuff, very family friendly. We enjoyed the fireworks on the roof the first night, and came back to this welcoming bouquet of balloons for the girls.


Our last day at the beach Huntington. It felt like ice water to me, but that didn’t stop the boys from jumping in to catch some waves. Even Danny who lives here got in to show them some boogie boarding tips, that says a lot!

DSC_5998Smiley Sophie, reminds me of Wilson from Cast Away


Fish tacos on the beach, then a to-die-for macadamia dessert at Dukes around the corner, later back to the resort for warmer swimming and hot tub. It was great spending time with good friends, D & L, and their adorable Maya. Such fun family times, until next time!

Sunday Snapshot

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Kara said...

beautiful family! I love a vacation! and gorgeous pictures :) nice scenery and all!

M3 said...

Oh my goodness, I'm just reading this now and freaking out!!!!!! Were you at Dland this weekend? We had 3 sets of twins from China there on Saturday the 21st.

Dianne said...

M3, I wish! Wouldn't that be a sight (4 sets of twins together at Dland). We were there a few weeks ago, just wrapping up my posts. We'll have to plan it sometime, Sophie and Sage would love meeting Ree & Ro. Feel like we've known you for years.

Kristi said...

Ahh, spring break...
Looks like it was a delightful time for your family!