Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy B-day Pauly Baby…



Dad’s choice- BBQ’d steak with fresh fruit, garden salad, baguette, and a yummy cold-stone dessert

DSC_0350Guitar Showcase.  Josh- front left




I have to admit, his birthday snuck up on us.  We talked about it, I made some plans, then it was here before we knew it.  I picked up the kids from school and on the way home we grabbed some fresh steaks & fruit, they wanted to pick something out for him at the dollar store (frisbee from Sage, headphones from Sophie, & I-pad case from Trevor), I picked up a favorite mint ice-cream cake at Coldstone, and WaLa, a birthday party in the makings.  Josh came home and said-  “hey mom, I’m in a guitar concert tonight” at his High School (gotta love teenage scheduling, it’s almost as good as mine :), so what better way to spend your b-day then watch your talented son play.  We enjoyed our BBQ, went to the concert, came back for ice-cream cake & gifts, put the girls down and watched “The King’s Speech”, great movie!   Happy Birthday Babe.  Thanks for being such a great dad and wonderful husband!  I’m taking you out tomorrow night, just you and I.    


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Kelly said...

Happy birthday to Paul! You last minute plans turned out great. Have fun at your night out together too!