Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday Sweet Sophie and Sage


Sophie, Sage, Grandma D.


A fun filled day, coming home to cupcakes, new helmets, and a new basketball, their favorite things right now.


After piano lessons,  Grandma B. met us for dinner with her neat homemade cards (she makes the cutest cards!), the girls liked the Disney theme and they can’t wait to go shopping with the $$.  Thanks Grandma B.! 


After dinner, an awesome visit from the local firefighters, gave them a full tour.


Then a fun visit from Grandma D, she picked out the cute outfits below.  Trevor gave them the mini guitar first thing this morning.  So far so great to be Eight!  


Happy Birthday to my two girls that tug at my heartstrings!!

we have a friend party planned for next week :)

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Tina Michelle said...

Happy birthday lovely ladies! Looks like it was a fun day. I hope the party rocks!