Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day

To all the great mother’s out there.  Most the blogs I visit seem like fabulous moms! 


And to my beautiful mom- compassionate, fun-loving mother.  One who sacrificed and worked hard as a single mom, who took the time to play with us, to teach us, raised us in the gospel, who never gossiped or openly judged others and taught us to do the same.  I like you (interrupted by Sage, she snuck that I like you in while I walked away for a minute, thought I’d keep it :)

It was a nice mother’s day.  Sophie, my morning girl, snuck in early while I was in the shower and asked if she could make some popcorn for her and Sage (who was still sleeping).  I said, aren’t you supposed to make me breakfast in bed?  She got this serious look on her face and guiltily said, “I’m not used to that yet.”  I grinned and said it’s really ok.  The next thing I knew I was surprised with this interesting breakfast.  Her and Trevor put some thought in this, choosing some of my favorite foods/snacks arranged into a sun shape, then they decided it’s a flower.  It made my morning.


We rushed off to church and enjoyed some great talks on Mother’s, young Camry gave a sweet tribute to her mom.  It was my first week teaching Relief Society, and although I’m not a fan of public speaking, it seemed to have gone well,  many nice comments.  I prepared like crazy, felt good about it, overcame my nerves, relied on the Lord, received great input from the women, a few tears from some, and the spirit was strong.  I’m thankful for this calling to teach and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.     

DSC_6252 a little attitude from the girls


Fun with Josh


Paul asked what I wanted for dinner, BBQ’d baby back ribs, and he delivered.  Delicious!  Thanks baby, the greatest BBQ’r and awesome husband!


My neighbor friend brought this adorable apron over and wished me a Happy Mother’s Day.  Thanks Jen!

Then off to Grandma’s…



Glad she has a sense of humor my girls and their rabbit ears :).  She’s a great Grandma with our big crew, always relaxed, loving,  and welcoming, a part of each of their lives.  They sure love their Grandma’s!  both  (Sorry Nick, I wasn’t looking through the view finder for that pic, my bad, you didn’t really need that right ear though)

The plaque says “Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is Pure Love.”  We also got her a nice CD she’ll enjoy.


My mom also does so much.  Always planning and preparing family get togethers full of food and fun, the life of the party.  Compassionate and always sacrificing for others.  We’re thankful for our wonderful moms!   

I love the goings on of raising a family.  The teaching, the training, and all I learn from them.  Helping them succeed in school and church, and seeing their joy when they do.  My children, and their dad, bring me so much joy.  Thanks for a great Mother’s Day!   

Two of my favorite quotes this year…

“Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother.”  ~Lin Yutang

“Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.”  ~Oprah Windfrey

Hope your Mother’s Day was great!

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Kelly said...

Happy Mother's Day! I like the flower shaped snack plate your kids created for you. How cute!