Saturday, May 28, 2011

Called to Serve! {Sunday Snapshot}

It came, my oldest sons mission call! (there were some paperwork delays [dr’s portion], then it was sent to his college dorm instead of home, so we were happy to finally have it in hand). We’re so happy for him and his desire to serve the Lord as a full time missionary for 2 years. He’ll be missed, but he’ll do great!

Nick is called to the... Mesa, Arizona mission, Spanish speaking. Woot! It really feels right and Nick feels good about it. As a mom, it will be comforting having him stateside, although it won’t be a breeze, I know he’ll do well with the language and love the people. So, he enters the MTC (missionary training center) on July 20th. It will come quick so enjoying our time with him before he leaves.


Sophie & Sage tell me often how much they’ll miss him

You’ll be missed Nick- your witty sense of humor, your ambition, your positive attitude, and your genuine friendship and care for others & family, and your love for the Lord. But we’re happy to share you with the world as you can share the gospel with others! Love you Elder B!

Thanks everyone (friends & family) for congratulations and well wishes- in person, emails, and Facebook. And his sweet friend Lindsey and her mom, who joined us over Skype when he opened his call, glad we could share that special moment with you.

Sunday Snapshot


Kelly said...

Ah, I'm going to cry now! What a sweet young man and a loving family. We were honored to share that special moment with you and Nick and the family. Thank you! I'm so excited for the next couple of years and look forward to hearing of the stories and experiences he will have. Congratulations, Elder B!

leslie the licorice stick lady said...

That is such great news! I think he will love it! Good luck with all the preparation. I know it's a big job, from seeing my mom do that for Chris last year. Good luck and God bless Elder B, from us too!

Jen said...

Praying for a safe two years. May the memories for him last a lifetime and the time for you fly by in the blink of an eye!