Sunday, September 23, 2012

Josh’s Homecoming Dance…

Our High School Senior, ready for his last Homecoming, who said he could grow up so fast??  Lovin’ life
Cute couple I’m sure she has a jacket to go with that stylish little dress, somewhere?  Their group of about 16 had a great time.  For the day activity, they went to a nearby Fast Track, Go Kart racing.  They had to get their permission slips notarized, yikes.  Then off to the dance, with swimming and dessert at one of the boys house afterwards.  Nice homecoming, and only spent a total of $120, we paid half, he paid the rest :)
Great group of friends
A few things I love about my senior (mom’s bragging rights before he’s out of the house, less then a year, sigh…)
  • your happy outlook on life and fun sense of humor
  • works hard part time while taking advanced classes at school, maintaining high GPA, will graduate with about 20 college credits
  • Great goals, planning on medical school after mission, already taking medical course in High School
  • having fun dating, without getting too serious with one girl
  • responsible & leader in church and school
  • teaches guitar privately and at his high school (guitar 3)
  • Makes and keeps great friends
  • genuine and trustworthy
Of course he has his trials and weaknesses, but handles them well.  Keep up the great work Josh, we know you can do whatever you put your heart in!
LOL, Josh on right, his date pushed him in right before the picture, then they all dived in