Monday, August 27, 2012

End of Summer

Backpack, check.  Lunch money, check.  Teacher treat, check.  New school clothes, check!  It’s in the air.  Although summer flew by, the kids are excited to start school tomorrow, they weren’t a week ago.  We’ll miss the fun summer days hanging out at the pool, lemonade stands, time with friends, summer novels and beach vacation… but looking forward to hitting the books and being on a good schedule.
DSC02814 DSC02808
Hang gliding park near my home, there were at least 30 Hang Gliders and Parasails in the air!  Beautiful night.

The girls were way too quiet the other morning, so I walked in and found this.  Pretty heavy duty fort, the young architects later remodeled (even drew a floorplan in case wanted to rebuild) and added a game room and reading nook, making it bigger and better, lol.  They enjoyed sleeping in it and having part of Activity Days there with their friends  :)

Sophie- pink, Sage- blue.  Cute Old Navy tiered skirts
3rd grade here we come! they’ll be in their own classes this year

Happy first day of school! 
Sophie and Sage are in 3rd, Trevor in 8th, Josh a senior and Nick in college (good thing for teenage drivers and Trevor’s Jr. High right next to the girls).  Sigh… they certainly don’t stay young long!
When tucking in the girls tonight, Sophie asked if I was going to cry when she has to leave for school tomorrow, sweet.
Disney /  Beach post coming :)