Sunday, August 05, 2012

Trevor turned 14!

I thought weeds grew fast…
Can’t believe my youngest boy is 14.  Trevor’s had a good year and grown so much.  At this rate, he’ll pass his tall brothers like he passed me up this year (barely) and I’m 5’6”
(didn’t want to carry my big camera, so all pictures are from my phone) 
He was happy to invite his friend, Grant, to join us
Paul, Josh, Nick, Grant, Trevor,
Sage, Sophie
Ready to get drenched?  The lines were nice and short today

Soaked on the Rattlesnake Rapids

Happy Birthday Trevor! 
To a fun, loving son and brother.  You are full of life and add so much to our family.  Entering your last year in Jr. High, we’re so happy with the young man you are becoming.   

I couldn’t resist… some cute baby pictures 14 years ago, before the blogging world.  Such a fun happy boy, with many helpers.  My only boy that sucked his thumb, love how you hung your finger around your nose (Sage did this when she came home :)  Thanks for all you add to our family!  We know you can accomplish whatever you put your heart in!