Wednesday, August 08, 2012

A day to celebrate…

I may not be thrilled to have another birthday, but I’m thrilled to celebrate the day we saw, hugged, held our daughters for the first time, 6 years ago today. best birthday ever!  Happy homecoming day Sophie and Sage!  You’ve made our family complete, and added so much joy to our lives.

After seeing the boys off to leadership camp and scuba trip (the girls were so sad to see them go), morning piano for the girls, then what better way to celebrate a hot summer day then a fun, cool water park at Cowabunga Bay.

Sophie enjoying the lazy river, Sage is ahead
Catching up with good friends

yummy surprise on my doorstep (thanks Dawnita!)   Mango lotion and Lemon Heads

Then home to get ready, my sweetie’s taking us out

Coconut shrimp and complimentary mud pie, no way I could eat it all.  Thanks baby, for the great evening!

Awww, what I woke up to the other day.  Since Josh knew he’d be gone on my birthday, he got up early (woke up the girls to help) and they surprised me with breakfast in bed.  Made my day, thanks Josh, you are always so thoughtful!  Thanks for the dark chocolate chips in the pancakes.  Love my teenage boys!

Although my kids tried to correct me on my age… hey, a lady can delete a year or two, it was a fabulous birthday and family day celebration!!
These six years have flown by, yet it seems like Sophie and Sage have always been a part of our family!