Friday, August 03, 2012

Girls Camp…

“Why Fit in When You Were Born to Stand Out?” was our camp theme this year, all about Dr. Seuss (so fun).  I was asked to be camp director for our Young Women in my new ward.  Wo, I was thankful for the opportunity, but wondered how I’d find the time.  I’m sure it was no mistake I got this call a few days after putting my 2 week notice in at work, I couldn’t have done both together, with such late notice (camp was right around the corner). 
Our 5 mile hike the morning of camp, part of their certification, glad to see some smiles so early in the morning  Smile

2012-06-19_17-10-34_652aaah, Zip line and lake time on day one.  It was chilly this day, but they were troopers (about 1/3 of the girls braved the cold water), and we all enjoyed the canoes.
DSC01585“Minute to Win It”- hosting another camp group with some fun games
carefully caught a butterfly at our Scripture Hunt
Great girls!
Friendship web.  They asked each other questions to make the web. I was told my boys were a main topic of conversation here, lol 
What wonderful girls…  They got camp certified, set up their own tents,  fulfilled cooking and clean up duties, read scriptures each day, planned and performed a skit, lead in group activities, instigated a water fight, sang and shared their sweet testimonies around the campfire the last night (so nice having the bishopric here for that).  Such a busy, fun, and meaningful week!   

Breakfast was first come, first serve, so they made sure to be the first ones at the devotional to get a nice, hot breakfast

The sweet girl with me  (top right) got up each morning before the rest of us to get her run in, such dedication!  The lower left is our bishop and wife (all cute and showered!) and the top are young women leaders.  So thankful for the committee I had (2 other ladies, although they couldn’t camp, they helped with food, crafts, and certification), and for some great leaders who were so helpful! 
It may have been one of the busiest times (1 hour of sleep the night before, finishing preparations), but it was worth it, a very rewarding experience and so nice getting to know the girls.  They asked me to do it next year, I think I’ll start getting my committee together after Christmas :)

A glimpse of one of our days.  Our ward theme- “Young Cat, if you Keep Your Eyes Open Enough, Oh the Stuff You Will Learn, the Most Wonderful Stuff!”  They liked the sunglasses I gave them.

girls camp note

This is what makes it all worth it, from one of the girls :)
It wasn’t easy leaving Sophie and Sage for this long, but they were in great hands- thanks Paul, my boys, Grandma’s and Uncle Mike (he took them fishing, they even caught their first fish!)  It was great coming home to my family.