Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Josh’s photo shoot

DSC_4093 those eyes! DSC_4073 DSC_4083 DSC_4086Who spies Bruno? DSC_4100

Josh has a few fun classes in HS this year, a nice break from his challenging honors classes.  He’s making an acoustical guitar in woodshop, so stoked about that.  And he’s taking a commercial digital photography class.  This assignment was facial shots and texture.  All pictures are SOOC, except for minimal cropping and the black & white pic (best way to fix an overexposed shot).  Sage was the willing lovely subject this time, Sophie was busy, we’ll catch her next. 

Josh- great eye for photography (we noticed that from the pictures you took in China).  Good composition and way to capture Sage’s personality.          


SSBenjamins said...

These pictures are AWESOME, maybe he needs to teach me how to do it :) great work- I love the picture with the silly bands: Danica is sad because the principal told them they couldn't wear them at School, every morning she tries to get out of the house with her's on :) I love these pictures. VERY GOOD WORK.

Chelle said...

I think Sage has a future in modeling. What a beauty!~ Nice job, Josh. Oh, and your blue toe nails aren't so shabby either! I love that one!!!