Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saturdays- Sweet…

A nice break from work and school on the week-end and I become my children’s, and their teams, biggest cheerleader.  Don’t worry, not the loud obnoxious type.DSC01269halftime snacks and soccer team photos, great game Pink Panthers! 

DSC01256Aren’t they cute?  Then off to Trevor’s football game  

DSC01281 Go Diggers, Go 15!  This is Trevor’s first year playing tackle, he loves it- yikes  He’s learning a lot and has come a long way, great coaches. 

DSC01294Playing hard, hungry for In-N-Out Burger for lunch

DSC_0102 Then that evening, Josh is in another fun entertaining play (top-middle), Broadway Kidz- Magic

DSC_0103 What an awesome show, performing in an outdoor amphitheater this year.  I enjoy watching Josh on stage, he’s so comfortable, a natural.  They’ve worked hard these last couple of months rehearsing, the whole group did great!  (Excuse the blurry picture, I took it from further back, but wanted the dancing shot).  The girls enjoyed it too and were glued.  When it was over, they said “It’s over already?”  I think they’re ready to audition next year.  We saw it three times.


As a mom, I can’t think of a better way to spend my Saturdays.  So what are your favorite Saturday activities?


Anonymous said...

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M3 said...

Oh my word, if we could promise them pink uniforms like those, I bet Ro and Ree would reconsider their "no soccer" stance!! Adorable. Looks like fun, and the show sounds great.