Saturday, October 02, 2010

Escape to the Nines- {Sunday Snapshot}

Portland is beautiful this time of year. We stayed at “The Nines” above Macy’s, pretty chic!

the Nines at Night


Elegant room, fresh European design with a splash of color. Our days were filled with classes, banquets, visiting vendors, meeting other designers and CDI staff, along with Hunter Douglas, and many hands on displays, and awards assembly. The last night we enjoyed a formal dinner and dancing (if you can imagine about 100 designers, mainly women, dancing to some good music w/ a DJ, great workout, I love to dance!) Laryl was the grand prize winner at the drawing- woot woo!, it was comical trying to get her extra large boxes home on the plane, but we did it with style, kind of. And I was honored to be nominated as “Rookie of the Year”, thanks Frankie! The winner went to a designer from New York, hard to compete with that :). But very nice to be nominated and got a nice spiff and certificate.

I am now certified to sell drapes, excited. Here’s someDSC01335 I liked on display. Nice 3 finger pleat panels with decorative rods and rings. Goblet pleat with buttons, and the popular Grommet style with Roman Shades beneath. View album for a closer look, they look much better up close. This is something I’ll enjoy helping my clients with.


Self photo from the plane. We'll make a tradition of this each year, looking forward to next years in Long Beach :) It was nice coming home to my family. Thanks Paul for your wonderful support and taking great care of things at home, and Josh for filling in when dad couldn't, I knew everyone was in good hands. It was great coming home to my man and happy kids that were thrilled to see their mom, and wife.

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Ni Hao Y'all


Stefanie said...

Looks like fun! Sounds like fun! How wonderful that you can enjoy your work so much :)
And congratulations on the nomination!
Happy Sunday!

Chelle said...

Congrats! Way to rise to the top!!! I'm happy for you!