Sunday, October 17, 2010

Frightmares @ Lagoon- {Sunday Snapshot}

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Yae, I finally have time to blog, I have some catching up to do. We spent a fun filled day at Frightmares over UEA week-end. Paul had one day off while the kids were home, so we let them choose what they wanted to do, unanimous, Frightmares at Lagoon!  It’s a fun time of year to go- haunted houses, Halloween shows throughout the day, corn mazes, along with the thrilling rides, we used to take our boys here every October. Of course we like Pioneer Village for their ice-cream and BBQ dinner, so fun seeing Laryl and her family there!

The girls are old enough and brave enough, but 1/2” too short to ride many of the fun rides (the limits are very strict, although they can ride most of the rides at Disneyland). The kiddie rides are boring for them so we found some good ones we can all enjoy- the Tidal Wave, The Bat, Screamer, Flying Aces… We also enjoyed the boys favorites (and mom’s)- Wicked, the Samaria, and the Colossus, hope I can still handle theses rides with the girls :). We even tried the toilet paper in the shoe trick, but still not quite tall enough. Next year for sure! It was a fabulous day and worth missing Bunco and a party Josh was invited to. They each got $10 to play some games before leaving and won something to bring home.

Hope everyone’s enjoying the Fall / Halloween season. I finally picked up the girls costumes yesterday, no princesses this year, but still very cute. Lovin this time of year!

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Ni Hao Y'all


M3 said...

Ooooo, what are they going to be this year?!

Dianne said...

M3, Sophie is going to be something I'm scared of, and Sage is going for the V word, in a pretty sort of way. They can't wait. Looking forward to seeing what you're cuties will be.