Wednesday, June 03, 2009

"Love Notes"

Sophie likes to take pictures, she took this pic of Sage and I
(I really should photoshop some lipstick on, oh well :)
I've been finding these notes in the girls backpacks. They must have some free time to write notes at school or do this to practice their writing. Regardless, it made me smile and will be good memories when they are older...

Dr Sage
Yoo Hev A rely prydy smil
from Trevr ("G Man")

Der Sophie
Yoor so coot
i Rilee lik yoo
yoor so plafl
i Rilee lik yoo en sgool (in school)
i Hop tu see yoo dainsel (no idea what dainsel is, or the next sentence :)
Fravn WiF Me (maybe, thanks for playing with me)
Fum Gavin

Dear Sage
You ora fun
I lik you
your my fafrat fen
you ora my bast fen
I luv you
you ora the best
Luv Aspen

DeR Sophie
i lic Sophie
u r The Best in The wurl
u roc
fum Britton
spell check would have fun with this post, if I ever used it

So cute. They're going to miss their friends, but looking forward to a great summer! hmm, wouldn't it be nice to find a love note in your bag? (hint, hint hon:) Speaking of notes, thanks for the always nice and supportive comments and great people/ families I've enjoyed through blogging, where ever we live. Bloggers are the best!

Trev and the girls with Tino Nunez. He plays forward for the ReAL Soccer Team. They were excited to meet him and got tickets to a game. They are now big ReAL soccer fans!