Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Secrets...

Lovin my flower girls!

Now that my tulips are gone, I'm savoring my rose garden

Memories- I got these rose bushes awhile back as little twigs, while spending Spring Break with a dear friend and our families in Hurricane (our boys were best buds, no pun intended, lol). Her parents own an amazing nursery so we got first pics on our favorites. It was also my first time hiking Zions. Such fun memories from these roses and a beautiful addition to our yard.

Now that school's out, time may be limited for blogging, but I've been asked often lately "how do you do it with five kids?" ages 6-17? So here's what works for us. Some days are definately crazy, but to prevent those days, it is key to plan ahead. Days before school got out I prepared some schedules so I can spend my time enjoying life and my family instead of figuring menu's, chores, sports, and activities last minute...
Here's a quick overview-

Sunday- BBQ
Monday- Crock Pot (this works great since it's FHE)
Tuesday- Taco Tuesday
Wednesday- Soup / Stew
Thursday- Pasta (Spaghetti, Lasagna...)
Friday- Pizza night, Movie night
Saturday- Chef's choice (take turns cooking)

Monday- Laundry / Clean bedroom
Tuesday- put away clothes (there's a lot, but we all put away our own)
Wednesday- Mow lawn (older boys), garden (girls)
Thursday- Take out garbage / Floors- sweep, mop, vacuum
Friday- Bathrooms!
Saturday- windows/ mirrors/ dust

Ya, I would love a cleaning lady (who wouldn't?). I had one once when I probably didn't need one, but now... oh well. It is essential to teach children how to work and clean up after themselves, to teach them responsibility and let them know they're needed and a valued member of the family. This is our job and it helps us keep up on everything so we can enjoy the summer, and chores only take about an hour each day.
We are flexible and save some time for sports, scouts, theater (kids play opens this week-end!) & girl stuff- dance, etc. but I've also planned a general schedule to do all the "must do" things each day-

8:00 Rise & Shine, Breakfast, get ready
9-10 Chores
10-12 Gym (this is fun for the whole family, and a great way to start out the day. I get my work out in and the kids get to swim, rock climb, BBall...)
12-1 Lunch
1-2 Reading / Quiet time (this is good throughout the summer, it keeps their minds alert and gives them some down time)
2-5 Free time (friends, sports, park...)
5:30 Dinner
Games, Dance, Scouts...
8:00 Bath, Story time, Scriptures, Prayers
8:30 Girls bedtime
9:30 Boys bedtime
11:00 Lights out

Simplify, so far so good! I always look forward to sweet summer days and I'm so thankful for my helpful kids that make our household run smoothly. Of course they're good at making messes too (the younger ones), but that's our next goal.


emiflute said...

YOur roses are beautiful,as are your girls and so is that weekly/ daily routine!!! I love it. My kids aren't grown yet. but this gives me some ideas! Structure is great for kids and this seems like just the right mix of structure and flexibility. I want to print this post off and tuck it away for future reference. So my question is: During school, obviously things start up a little earlier and end a little earlier on school nights. What do you do differently?
I like you dinner plan. That does seem to simplify it.
Anyway, Way to go. Thanks for this very informative post.

Kelli said...

I was just making a daily list this last week, great minds think alike and our days look similar. hehe. Love the girls (as always) they are so darling in those dresses

D2 said...

I'm always struck just how beautiful your two are... (yeah, behind reading blogs)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love your schedule. It seems easy to follow and lets everyone know what they need to be doing; without question! Great job!

Dianne said...

Thanks for your comments. Emily, the biggest difference between school time and summer, is since school eats up most of their day we pick and choose how we spend the rest. Less chores, less playtime (since they've spent most of the day with friends), more homework and always try to fit in sports or dance for fun. Phew, I love summertime.