Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ladies week-end at Women’s Conference…

Such a fun couple of days at BYU Women’s Conference.  So motivating & fulfilling, and nice to be back on campus enjoying classes just for women.  17,000 women attended this year, so powerful!  A week-end filled with meaningful classes, humanitarian projects, good food, Sharing Stations, and enjoyable evening entertainment/concert, featuring Hilary Weaks, Alex Boye, & Michael McLean…  Very fun spending it with my Mom, Sis, & Aunts!
My favorite classes were:
  • “Arming Your Home & Family”
  • “What Matters Most is What Lasts Longest”
  • “Busyness Does Not Define Our Worth:  Simplifying Our Lives”
  • “Let’s Eat In:  Good Nutrition & Healthy Meal Planning”
  • “Sister Scriptorians”
  • “Patience with Yourself, You are Closer to Heaven then You Suppose”
  • “Lay Aside the Things of This World, and Seek For the Things Of a Better”
  • You Have Won the “Golden Tickets”, Now Lift Up Your Sleeves and Go To Work 
Aunt Peggy & my mom, they are a hoot!
My cute Aunts & mom, the best of sisters! my sister joined us the last day :)
We stayed at Aunt Peggy’s, she lives near campus
Best Irish Tacos ever!
Souvenir from Grandma & Aunt Peggy.
It was hard leaving the girls for a few days, but once I got there I knew that all would be fine.  They gave me the biggest hug when I returned, and Sophie (who hardly never cries) told me she got “water” in her eyes at night.  Said she missed me a lot, melts my heart!  Sage (who is typically the mommy’s girl, my sweetie) said, “sorry mom, I was too busy to think about missing you.”  Love her straightforwardness!  
Thanks Josh, Paul, Lindsey, & Uncle Mike for filling in and all your help while I was away (it takes 3 men and a women to take my place, JK, I sure appreciate them!).  They are loved little girls!