Monday, April 16, 2012

Hitting the Slopes

Last day of Spring Break, Saturday- Skiing / Snowboarding
It’s beautiful here in the snow covered mountains!  Snowbird Ski Resort
Trevor (13) started Snowboarding this year, he’s picked it up quick.  Josh (17) is a pro, he has a season pass and goes often with his buddies, black diamond trails.  But first time skiing for the girls, and  I haven’t been skiing in about 20 years.  Yikes!  So glad the boys were here to show us the ropes, Sophie & Sage had their own private instructors, big brothers are the best!

Didn’t take long for the girls to feel comfortable on the chair lift.  Sage (blue) and Trevor & Sophie (pink) in back.

Born to ski!
Funny to see Sophie and Sage with totally different styles as they started skiing.  Josh helped Sage, she was very careful and good, she learned the technique fast and she hardly fell.  Trevor helped Sophie, she took off, she was fast and fell... a lot (that’s how she stopped since she was going so fast, made me nervous but was funny to watch).  I had to keep reminding her “Pizza Sophie Pizza” (snowplow to stop).  Then they found the jumps.  I went on it once (that was good for the day, the year, but at least I landed it :), Sophie landed it every time (I’m sure her speed helped) and Sage took a few spills before landing it.  They loved every minute of it.  

Josh took me on some steep terrain (Chips Run, blue trail). Nerve wracking, but fun.  It was all coming back to me, and I reached my goal- not to fall!!  Such a good work-out, I would love to get a family pass next year. 

We were all  hungry, so some tasty pizza at the resort was perfect.  Veggie for me, the kids like pepperoni & cheese.
After lunch, when my legs felt like they could move again, the girls were ready for some more advanced slopes with bigger, faster, higher chair lift, yikes.  So we took them on Big Emma (green trail, easier then the one Josh took me  on, but much harder then Chickadee).  I’ll post some video soon, I have to say- S & S can ski!
Best day of Spring Break, Snowbird, we’ll be back.