Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter Sunday


A beautiful Easter.  It was so nice having Nick home for the week-end after finishing his second year at BYU-I, we were thrilled to see him!  He’s off to St. Louis now for an alarm summer job, then back to school (they just don’t stick around).  He’s grown up fast, into an independent, ambitious young man, we’re proud of him!  It may not be the plans we were wishing for him right now, but we’re happy for him and give him our best, he’ll do well at whatever he puts his heart in, great kid.

Don’t you love our racoon faces (Josh & mine)? don’t forget your sunblock when skiing!


family photo

Love this clan!

Happy Easter,  Bunny 



He Lives!


SSBenjamins said...

Happy Easter to you and your Family, darling Family picture! As for kids- all you can do is give them the basics importunately no matter the choices they have free agency; You just have to love them, I hear the alarm businesses when going out of state actually make pretty good money, things will work out- just pray no matter what.. I love your bunny at the end of your post! How did you do it? Glad you had a great Easter, we miss you in our ward.

Dianne said...

Thanks Shalise, so sweet. Ya, that darn agency, why can't they just go with our plan, momma know's best right? Kidding, mainly... it's been good seeing him grow, do well, and pave his own way, just don't want him to pass up a great opportunity. He's a strong kid and there's still time, but we're proud of him regardless :)
Thanks for your comments & support, and your family is darling!

Do you blog with Windows Live Writer? Great program. That's were I got the cute bunny, under emoticons.