Friday, April 06, 2012

Spring Break…

Still here!  One day my life will slow down and I’ll find more time for photography, blogging, cooking, exercising, reading… (who am I kidding?)  Just when I make changes in my life to free up more time for family, something else big comes up (I’ll share later).  Can’t complain though, I’ve been so blessed!    
It’s here…  taking a break for Spring Break…  Yahoo!  Since we were out of town over Presidents Day Week-end, we decided to stick around here and vacation from home, next best thing to a tropical vacation don’t you think?  Once the kids got used to the idea, they’ve loved it.  
It’s been a nice, relaxing break starting with Conference week-end.  One of my favorite week-ends of the year.  The kids helped me crochet & loom hats for the NICU unit for Primary Children’s Hospital.  They loved helping and it kept them still for Conference.  We enjoyed such inspiring talks and ended up with almost a dozen homemade hats.  
Fun day at Planet Play-  all you can eat buffet, games, go-carts, mini bowling…  The kids were in heaven, going back for more food when hungry.  Just like a cruise ship right?  They scored some fun prizes and were thrilled when Josh gave them his tickets (the jumbo bouncing balls were the favorite).   I bought the groupon for this months ago, great time to use it.


mini-bowling was a lot of fun, nice hook girls!


Another fun outing was Classic Skating, the kids used their passes they earned from school.  I had a design appointment nearby, so Josh took them and I met up later.  DSC00411
They are great at Roller Blading, have you tried it?  I can ice skate well and used to roller skate growing up, but I tried roller blading for a minute yesterday, well…, it’s nothing like the rest.  Harder then it looks (although I was using Josh’s blades that were way too big).  So cute when I arrived seeing Sophie pulling Sage around backwards, and vice versa, so they can go backwards fast.  Lucky to have a sis help you learn to skate backwards.  They saved me some pizza (I tried to eat it, nasty), and they were ready to leave by the time I got there, fun morning. 
Paul and I planned a nice date the other night, dinner and shopping at the new City Creek Center, while the kids went to a trampoline arena (groupon).   Then at dusk we met at the Park for the annual flashlight Easter Egg Hunt our new neighborhood hosts.  Fun new traditions!
DSC00381Sage checking her flashlight
We’re off to see the Bunny at the mall, probably the last time, they want to see him although Sophie mentioned that the one at the mall is fake :).  Then meeting Paul for lunch downtown.  Big plans on the slopes tomorrow, Sage chose ski’s and Sophie snowboarding, wish us luck.  Then Grandma’s / Grandpa’s & cousins this week-end.  What are your plans for Spring Break?  If it’s a tropical island or a nice cruise don’t even tell me…   JK, loving our vacation from home.
Happy Spring Break!