Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween!

DSC_2267One of my favorite days of the year with these scary ghouls such a nice, warm night.  Weird to think this is our last year trick-or-treating here, I’ll miss it, such a fun night seeing everyone out.  Bruno (our cheerleader) was so happy to join the kids!  Felt very important. 


The girls Halloween Party earlier today.  They had a good time, but still weak in comparison to their last school’s parties.  Oh well, they’re making the best of it.  Cute that they sit next to each other in the classroom. 

After making the rounds in our neighborhood, off to enjoy both Grandma’s.  My mom makes some homemade chili or stew each year and the cousins catch up, and Grandma B. always has a special treat for the kids.  We’re so lucky to have them close.

DSC03222“I have candy and I’m not afraid to use it!”   ha, ha.   Sage, our expert organizer, lined up her goods at Grandma’s :). 


Then the big candy swap with their friends the day after Halloween.  Now, that brings back memories.  There was some great bartering going on.  Funny how they divided their piles with belts & bags, each having their own corner for their stash.  I have to say, they were all pretty generous traders, and said they were rich in candy.  

Hope everyone had a fabulous & safe Halloween!