Friday, June 14, 2013

Playing in Park City

Refreshing!  The girls aren’t supposed to swim much before a game (coach’s orders, relaxes the muscles), so they get 20-30 minutes pool time until after their games.



Stunning view of the Olympic Ski Jumps from the townhouse.  The other side is charming with good restaurants, shops, movie theater, bowling alley, etc.  Great accommodations.


Nice open floorplan, large windows, and striking wood floors on the main floor.




R & R for Trevor, each condo has a private hot tub on the deck


ready to score


We treated them to a fun activity, since the boys were so supportive to come to each game and cheer their sisters and the team on, plus we were celebrating Josh’s high school graduation (yahoo, post coming).  Unanimous- they chose the Alpine Slide.





~Start off to a great summer~ 

12 more days before Josh leaves on his mission, can’t say enough how much we’re going to miss this kid, but we’re very happy for him! 

Wishing you all a fabulous summer!


likeschocolate said...

Seeing these photos makes me totally bummed that we canceled our trip to Utah. My husband is going to drop our son off at EFY. My husbands work schedule was changed and he didn't have 2 weeks to drive out with us and back. Hopefully in the next year or two. I so want to go to PC in the summer instead of the winter when it is freezing!

Dianne said...

Kellyn, that's too bad you had to cancel, Park City is beautiful this time of year! Is your son still going to EFY? Hope so. We missed it this year for Trevor, but he did Aspen Grove with his cousin.