Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy B-Day Pauly Baby


Nothing like a mint/chocolate Cold Stone Ice-cream Cake for my babe.

DSC_2433The kids picked the card and edited it to fit, lolDSC_2435 DSC_2438 DSC_2442

So excited to give dad their hand picked gifts and card. Sophie gave him chocolate, Sage a doggy toy, Trevor a flashlight that pivots, Josh some BBQ tongues, and Nick some headphones. What every dad wants, he was thrilled.  They went shopping on their own while we picked up Bruno from the vet, he got neutered


It was a fun cozy day with a few nice surprises throughout, then dinner for two at a favorite restaurant, home to enjoy cake & gifts with the kids, then off to a movie, his choice- Iron Man (plan A got rained out, so the movie was a nice backup). DSC_2453

Happy Birthday cuddly boy, to the coolest dad and such a fun husband! Thanks for all you do and being the man you are.

We 2764[1]you!

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SSBenjamins said...

Happy Birthday Paul- I LOVE the 42nd (2nd) Birthday Party card: so cute.. Love the cake yummy: I want to see that movie as well. LOOKS So good, glad he had a good birthday. I love your new dog- so cute, there is no way Shawn would go for an animal :(

p.s. I have given you a sisterhood award- when you get a chance scroll down on my posts to that attitude/gratitude.. Your such a sweet one.