Sunday, May 09, 2010

Our new addition

DSC_2317We have a new puppy! Bruno- resting and cuddling with Sophie. Such a well natured, smart, beautiful dog, even if our boys wanted to name him “Mr. Fluffypants”, they think he’s the bomb.


Many of you know we had to say good-bye to Panzer after bringing the girls home and finding out Sage is allergic. They’ve never stopped talking about him, and the boys were troopers giving up their dog they loved . (received this pic of Panzer the other day, he’s doing great thanks to Jason and family).

After a lot of research and checking around (thanks Kim from 3 Peanuts for your input on the Schnoodle, it was one we considered, great breed), and Stephanie for letting us hang out with your poodles the other day, and especially Paul, knowing your first choice was a Standard Poodle, but you went with the Miniature thinking of your family and knowing what we really wanted. He’s a great dog for our family- calm yet playful, great with children even though he hasn’t been around them much, non shedding hypoallergenic, he has a good bark but rarely barks, and the girls think it’s awesome that he is adopted just like them.


The breeder took this pic before we left, it was like Christmas for the kids. Welcome home Bruno!