Thursday, September 27, 2007

Go Team!! Go Brothers!!

Sage- pink, Sophie- pink camo

We're our brothers biggest fan, along with mom & dad

The"Red Devils" have a winning record. Go Trevor!

Time out for collecting pinecones
Get'em Josh!
Josh is #56, with white socks

We're true blue fans, even in the rain
Sage- top, Sophie- below
Great Job! Their first win.
Nick made High Scool Swim Team, can't wait to cheer him on at his first swim meet in a few months :)
Fun at the playground after the games

Look at the beautiful moon peeking over the mountain after the game, posted in honor of the Autumn Moon Festival

Click on Loving Lydia for some fun Moon Festival Celebrations, it snuck up on us this year (we'll have to celebrate late), but check out our neat celebration last year.

Sophie and Sage have grown soo much in one short year.


Anonymous said...

what number is josh? thats so great that they won, i bet he was thrilled! that moon really is pretty, wow what a great picture. said...

One question. Are the girls are happy and smiling? They always seem so pleasant and enjoyable in the photos.

Dianne said...

Thanks for your comments.

Ber- Josh is #56, I added that to my post. Yes, they were pumped!

Rony- Yes, they have been very happy girls since we brought them home. Of course, they have their moments, like last Sunday when dad firmly said "no" to Sage in church. She started sobbing and said "Dad nooed me". Girls are so different then boys, gotta love 'em!
S & S don't like getting their pictures taken and only do it to please me (such the cheesy smiles), so I've cut back and have taken more candid shots lately. To a fellow twin mom, you know how hard it is to get them both smiling.
Your girls are darling, I've enjoyed watching them grow.


D said...

They are SO cute. And I agree with Rony - they do seem always happy.

The trick to getting them both smiling is to make a complete fool out of yourself behind the camera. My girls have now started to imitate me. They take their toy cameras and roll around on the floor, making faces and calling out for everyone to look at them... :-)

Chaos said...

WOW! Great pictures!!

Dianne said...

I can totally picture that, too funny! I will have to try that, better yet, let my husband so I can watch :).
Good advice.
Your cute girls are getting so big.