Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We did it!~ Sophie and Sage style

Sage, ready to go- all natural, no need for make-up:)

Sage & friends

Sophie, lost her scrunchy already and making sure her nails look great on stage- lol

Sage, making sure she's "on her spot"

Spirit Dance

Biggest fans!! Brothers, Kathy (lower right), and both Grandmas came to watch. S & S put on an original show, certainly made us laugh, even if it wasn't exactly what we expected. They both scratched and yawned on stage and looked kinda bored. So half way through, I reminded them to do their best if they want to swim after, they did so well at rehearsals, then they got into it. Thanks everyone for coming and supporting our girls, they loved seeing you all their!! What a good time!

Now for the fun part



Grandma D. (my mom) stayed and played. We enjoyed the Lazy River, and I wish I had a picture- my mom, with a little coaxing from my boys, went down a fast, steep waterslide with me. It was a riot, way to go mom! Even if it was the loudest scream in the park- lol.

I've enjoyed giving the girls this opportunity and watching them learn and have fun dancing and making new friends. For awhile, I thought I would never have daugthters to take to dance class, do gymnastics with, and buy pink clothes for. I enjoy the variety and like this as much as supporting my boys in sports, boy scouts, playing catch, and all they do.


Kelli said...

I had three boys, so on the 4th pregn I kind of wanted another boy, they were easy, I had done it, knew what I was doing ect. but now that I have my own little pink, its so much fun. Your double lucky to have twins. Pink x 2 is double cute.

JinXiu said...

I love the new pictures. All the girls look so beautiful on stage, but sophie and sage shine. What beauties. It looks like they had so much fun.

have a great summer

The Boyacks said...

It looks like they had a fun day! They look absolutely adorable. Where did they perform at? The water park looks really fun.

Dianne said...

Jen, they performed at Raging Waters, 2nd year.
Thanks for your nice comments, it was pretty funny to watch, but they had fun.

Bella's momma said...

These photos are amazing. Sophie and Sage are such beautiful girls!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish we had been able to go and watch. Darn work.. Work gets in the way of life most times..
It looks like they had a blast at the waterpark!